Petrojam has announced that $1.79 has been knocked off the ex-refinery prices of 87 and 90 octane gasoline effective Thursday, August 6. As a result, 87octane gasoline will sell for $114.75 per ...

Telecom Giant, Huawei has overtaken Samsung to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller, as its home market in China emerged from the coronavirus pandemic better off than other economies. Analysts at Canalys said Thursday that Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices in the second quarter of 2020. While the figure was down five per centcompared with a year ago, it was a smaller decline than rival Samsung, which saw smartphone sales slide 30 per centto 53.7 million. Huawei still faces USgovernment sanctions restricting its international business, but it has come to dominate its domestic Chinese market, said Canalys, which estimated that the company’s shipments in China rose eight per centin the April-June period. Mainland China now accounts for 70 per centof Huawei’s total smartphone sales, it said. “If it wasn’t for COVID-19, it wouldn’t have happened,” Senior Analyst Ben Stanton said. “Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chinese economic recovery to reignite its smartphone business.” He noted that Samsung has a tiny market share in China, while the South Korean company’s core markets, including the US, Europe, Brazil and India, have been ravaged by virus outbreaks and lockdowns. Sanctions againstHuawei are part of a broader global battle between the USand China over technology and trade. The restrictions, according to the company, mean Huawei phones now face a distinct disadvantage outside China because they can only run a stripped-down open source version of Google’s Android operating system and don’t come with the USsearch giant’s apps like Chrome, YouTube, and Google Maps. Users also have to download apps through Huawei’s own app store, not the Google Play store, the company explained. In China, popular homegrown apps for services like shopping and messaging help fill that gap. Huawei might not be able to hold on to the top spot as the global economy recovers, because wireless carriers are increasingly wary of its devices, the firm said. Huawei phones are popular in Europe and Asia but little known in the US, where the company’s telecom switching gear has been effectively blocked for years over fears it could be used for spying by China’s communist leaders.

C&WJ Cooperative Credit Union (C&WJCCUL) indicates that dividends paid out to shareholders are limited by sector rules. In its 2019 annual report, which was released on August 5, 2020, the credit union said it made a surplus of $347 million for the year, representing an increase of 239.6 per cent when compared to the $102 million outturn in 2018. The distributable surplus at December 31, 2019 was $364.9 million, but rules say that most of this must go towards statutory reserves. The directors explained in the annual report, that in keeping with Article XIV Rule 73 and Article XV Rule 74, the company transferred $314.17 million of this surplus to statutory reserves. Afterwards the amount available for distribution at this meeting is $50.7 million. C&WJCCUL, which listed its preference shares on the Jamaica Stock Exchange last week, became first company of its kind to join the Exchange. The annual report indicates that in 2019 it remained the largest credit union in Jamaica based on total assets and controlling market share of over 14 per cent of the movement’s savings. Total assets increased to $17.75 billion in 2019, up from $16 billion the year before. Total assets within the credit union movement is estimated at $98 billion. CWJ President Condell Stephenson indicated that at December 2019, the credit union’s delinquency ratio was at 2.99 per cent, the lowest in its recent past. This ratio increased to seven per cent at December 2018 as a consequence of the merger with St Elizabeth CCU. The credit union has however successfully reduced this ratio, and within a year has already brought it in line with the PEARLS Ratio requirement of less than five per cent.

The 'Great Jamaican Beer' is celebrating the country'sindependence with an activation that will bring ice cold Red Stripe to the lips of consumers in 100 bars and locations across the island on August 6. Dubbed ‘Cheers to 58 Years’, Red Stripe’s Independence Day pledge is to provide a first drink to every consumer courtesy of the iconic brand. “Everyone knows that Red Stripe is synonymous with Jamaica, and so it is only fitting that the world’s coolest beer celebrates with our consumers in a way we know they will appreciate,” said Jodi Hylton, Red Stripe brand manager. “Jamaicans are arguably the proudest people on the planet. And yes, our current realities may be different, but our passion for our island and our culture is the same.” Noting that Red Stripe was designated the national beer of the celebration on Independence Day in 1962, Hylton said the brand felt compelled to give something back to consumers who have supported the beer company for almost a century. “Jamaicans have made Red Stripe great. We have been a constant feature in the fabric of Jamaican society since 1928. That’s a whole lot of history and generations of memories and experiences. As we celebrate 58 years of independence we want to give consumers an opportunity to create new memories,” explained Hylton. Stressing the importance of drinking and socialising responsibly, the Red Stripe brand manager said the celebration would continue into Friday, when the Jamaican icon will join other beer brands around the world for a celebration of International Beer Day, being observed this year on August 7. The brand will activate its ‘First Drink on Us’ offer on both days at 100 locations where consumers can choose from Red Stripe variants, including the iconic stubby and flavours such as Sorrel, Lemon Paradise and Melon, the newest addition to the family.


Social media personality A'mari "DJ Mona Lisa", known for her tumultuous relationship with dancehall star Gully Bop, is urging more Jamaicans to set up their social media platforms and find a way to monetize their creative content to earn money and create more fulfilled lives. "Jamaicans are some of the most creative and interesting individuals on the planet, but a lot of that natural resources, the humour, the craziness, the amazing talent is going to's like a fire hydrant wasting water on the roadside, harness that talent, let it earn for you," 'A'mari DJ Mona Lisa, whose real name is VeneiceFung- Chung, said. The outspoken social media blogger has been able to leverage her popularity into a vibrant social media presence where she has amassed over 200,000 followers on Facebook, 86,300 followers on Instagram and 18,500 subscribers on Youtube, plus several thousands over other social media platforms. She is able to generate enough content monthly to monetize her pages so that she can take care of her family and provide for her kids. "This is all I do every day, I have created 'House Play', a successful on-demand reality TV series on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that has dedicated fans, and is the most trending reality show on social media. A lot of people tune in daily to see my alter ego interact with my kids, and the A'mari you're seeing is just an alter ego I created from growing up with grandmother, that's a crazy version of me, reality TV has never been this good," she said. The reality TV series is produced under her media company, Phantom Fireworks Record Label Inc. and she generates income through subscriptions, monetized content, online events, cross-posting, fan funding and blogs. "Jamaicans need to use their cellphones to record themselves more especially if they have a humorous and dramatic streak. Plus, if you start using it as an avenue to truly engage with your customers, you’ll be able leverage any platform to increase leads, brand awareness, or customer support. Engagement is a key social media metric you need to track to see if you're doing the right thing." While she would not reveal actual figures, she said she generates "several thousand US dollars monthly" directly from traffic to her various pages. "And I know that you can do it too," she said. A'mari is now in Jamaica, promoting her new lifestyle brand, CelebPro, which features several weight-loss products such as Oxy Burn, Multivitamins, Whey Protein and Probiotic 40. Last year, she opted to do gastric bypass surgery, lost over 40 pounds, and months later, has transformed herself into a successful body positive online influencer. "These products help me to keep the weight off, maintain a strongimmune system and support a healthy digestive system," she said. She is also promoting her singles, 'Neko' and 'Black Hypocrisy'.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica celebrates winning the gold in the Women's 100m final on Day 8 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 4, 2012. (PHOTO: World Athletics).

Jamaicans will always remember how special the holidays were eight years ago when the country marked its 50thanniversary of Independence from Britain, because of an outstanding run from Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who sped to victory in the 100 metres at the London Olympics on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Her nail-biting win over the United States’ Carmelita Jeter who she pipped on the line to defend the title she won four years earlier in Beijing, came less than 48 hours before Jamaicans observed their independence from their colonial masters on August 6, and it was a fitting win on British soil. By winning in London, Fraser-Pryce, the darling of contemporary Jamaican sprinting, was only the third woman in the history of track and field to defend her title. When she won four years earlier, she was the first Caribbean woman to do so. ESPN noted the following at the end of the race: “Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce leaned across the finish line of the women's 100 metres, then looked up at the blank scoreboard for the name of the next Olympic champion. Five seconds passed, then five more. Was it the Jamaican, Fraser-Pryce, or the American, Carmelita Jeter? The race couldn't have been any closer, and when Fraser-Pryce's name finally came up first, she fell to the ground and shouted, "Thank you, Jesus!" Another sprint gold for Jamaica. Really, was there ever any doubt? A golden ribbon in her hair, the bubbly 25-year-old Fraser-Pryce made it back-to-back titles in the premier women's event of the Olympics, closing ground over the last 20 metresSaturday night and leaning at the line to win in 10.75 seconds and edge Jeter by .03 seconds. "It means a lot to defend my title," Fraser-Pryce said. "I trusted in myself." With the victory, Fraser-Pryce became the first woman to repeat in the 100 since Gail Devers of the USin 1992 and 1996. "I don't know much about the history of track and field," Fraser-Pryce said, showing her mile-wide smile. "But I know Gail Devers." As Jamaicans around the globe celebrate the 58thanniversary of the country’s independence from Britain on Thursday, August 6, it is the perfect time to relive the memorableindependence present Fraser-Pryce gave to an entire nation four years ago.

WILL IN CHARGE, the 2018 Horse of the Year, returns off an 11-month lay-up at Caymanas Park on Thursday, reporting two classes lower from grade one, the group in which he was top-rated up to last year June. The Robert Pearson-trained seven-year-old defeated SHE’S A MANEATER in the grade one Legal Light Trophy, May 2019, before injuring himself at the start in the Viceroy Trophy the following month. Though he has been active at exercise for the seven-and-a-half furlong overnight allowance event, WILL IN CHARGE, carrying topweight 126lb, will be hard pressed to beat fitter runners such as United States-bred RACE CAR and SENTIENT, who are renewing rivalry after being heads-on in a blanket finish won by SUPREME SOUL on July 25. RACE CAR was going for a fourth consecutive win but was without regular rider, Dane Nelson, who opted for SENTIENT, who was burdened with 125lb at nine furlongs and 25 yards. Partnered by Anthony Thomas, RACE CAR, unproven at a distance of ground, was asked to attack SENTIENT too early and, though going a length clear at the top of the lane, was caught by the stayer, SUPREME SOUL, before being further relegated to fourth by CRIMSON and SUMMER SUN. Nelson has been recalled by trainer Spencer Chung to partner RACE CAR, who has a four-pound advantage over SENTIENT with Robert Halledeen astride. The event is the ninth of 10 races scheduled on the Independence Day card. First post is 12:20 pm.