Jago Brown Brown is steadfast on seeing his mobile car-cleaning service take off.

Jago Brown failed at his first two businesses, but there’s nothing more he wants than to be an entrepreneur. Brown believes his latest venture, Wash on Wheels, a mobile-car wash business will bear the results this time around. Brown is steadfast on seeing this venture successful as he builds on the dream he set, after his childhood aspirations of holding a senior accounting role in a large corporation failed. “I always wanted to be an accountant, I saw myself with a big accounting job in a big company but that didn’t work out,” he said. After graduating from the University of the West Indies, Mona with an accounting degree in 2013, Brown sat unemployed for about four months. “I decided I had to try and do something for myself. I went and bought an inflated bouncy house with hopes of tapping into the party rentals business,” Brown said. Realising that was a seasonal market, Brown later purchased a bike and set up a courier business. However, both ventures failed. Today, Brown has immensely matured and is backed by a network of friends who has helped him to launch Wash on Wheels, helping with not just capital, but with operational support. Video edited by Ramon Lindsay Wash on Wheels is a mobile car cleaning service, based on appointments. The company, with a staff complement of 10 persons - also cleans residential driveways, among other cleaning services. “I am more motivated by this venture and I see a strong demand for the services. My business partners play an integral role to ensure the success of this company,” Brown said. He added, “I am much more grounded now. I’ve learnt from my failures.” Brown a past student of William Knibb High School in Trelawny, hopes to pursue other ventures, but for now he’s focused on building Wash on Wheels. Now servicing customers in Kingston and St. Andrew, Brown is looking to take Wash on Wheels to Portmore, Ochio Rios and his home town Montego Bay. For the latestnews, download our app athttp://bit.ly/GetALoopJMfor Android; and athttp://bit.ly/GetiLoopJMfor IoS.

William “Billy” McConnell

William “Billy” McConnell, the former managing director at Lascelles deMercado & Company and Wray & Nephew Group, has died. Loop News was informed by close business associates of McConnell that he died on Wednesday afternoon after a battle with cancer. A local private sector titan, McConnell was inducted into the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica’s Hall of Fame in 2006. When contacted by Loop News, PSOJ president Howard Mitchell said he had received reports of McConnell’s passing but had not yet been able to independently confirm the news. He, however, expressed sadness at the report while offering condolences to the McConnell family. “The PSOJ is deeply saddened at the news,” Mitchell told Loop News. “Mr McConnell is held in high regard… we want to express our condolences,” he said. McConnell retired from Lascelles in June 2011, but has since then served on a number of private and public sector boards. For the latestnews, download our app athttp://bit.ly/GetALoopJMfor Android; and athttp://bit.ly/GetiLoopJMfor IoS.

George Nooks is among the big acts who will grace the stage at KeesingLIVE!

Saturday, September 29, 2018marks the long-anticipated return of the popular concert series KeesingLIVE!. Back by popular demand, after an almost two-year hiatus, Alternative Music Ltd. (AML), the creators of KeesingLIVE!are staging it this year with apromise to entertain. With a line-up that includes 'king of reggae gospel and ballads', George Nooks; the powerful 2009 Digicel Rising Star winner and international reggae songstress, Shuga; Jamaican boy-band 8; soulful sensation Chris Demontague; and the finalists of season 15 of theDigicel Rising Starsseason,KeesingLIVE!will offer a wholesome musical experience. Patrons will be further entranced by the evening’s emcee, Fae Ellington. In addition to the musical offerings, AML promises patrons a well-stocked bar and mouth-watering cuisine. “The KeesingLIVE!experience will unfold at 5 Keesing Avenue, off Hagley Park Road in Kingston with gates opening at6.30 p.m.Showtime isat8.00 pm, sharp” said singer/songwriter CharmaineLimonius, who, with Robert “Bobby” Stewart, is a promoter of the live music event. “We have all-night security and complimentary parking at Tyre Warehouse, with continuous shuttle service to and from the venue. Our patrons will experience great music in a tranquil, safe and comfortable environment,” affirmed Limonius. KeesingLIVE!promises an unforgettable entertainment experience. Tickets are currently on sale at the venue and at The Music Mart (8 South Avenue, Kingston 10) for only $2,000 (presold) and $2,500 at the gate.Students with ID pay just $1,000 at the gate!Tickets are also available for purchase online atSpurrOpen.com. KeesingLIVE!was launched in 2013, with the aim of promoting and preserving band-centric live music.While the music is not limited to reggae, that genre is the underlying pulse, the heartbeat, so to speak, of the KeesingLIVE!experience, which has seen entertainers over the years such as Ernie Smith, Romain Virgo, Chronixx, Cherine Anderson, Duane Stephenson and many more.


Dancehall artiste Darrio has inked a management and recording deal with Gold and Goals Production, a US-based independent label. "We have signed Darrio because we have been watching the development of his career over the years, and we love his work ethic, his talent and love for the music. He is not all about the money nd he has the potential to be a great artoste," Lenord Taylor, chief exectutive officer of Gold and Goals Production, said in a release. For his part, Darrio is relishing the opportunity to finally build his brand in a meaningful way with partners who are heavily invested in his success. "It's a great look, this opportunity came about at the right time where artistically and psychologically I am ready to take my career to a higher level," Darrio said. Earlier this year, Darrio released his debut EP, aptly entitled 'The Preliminary'. The album showcased the work of producers Tom Hype, Dub Akom, Picante Music, Warriors Muzick, and Knocturnal, with featured artistes like Kim Nain and reggae legend Everton Blender. The EP was released on the Germaica Austria label by executive producer Tomy Hype. "The EP did fairly well, the streamings looked good, especially the song with Everton Blender, 'Put In the Work' , producer by Warrior Musik, which moved some great numbers. Other songs got airplay all over the world," he said. Darrio toured to support the project, doing a show in Bermuda, three shows in Jamaica and some eight promotional dates in Europe to build awareness of the EP. Now, he is concentrating on releasing a battery of singles, one of which is the upbeat 'Up Today' on the Konnection Production. He will be releasing a video for the project this week. "This is a song representing a new positive outlook on life, I feel empowered more than at any other time in my life, the last couple of years have been rough from a personal point of view, after Delus passing, things were rough. For the most part, I am a joyful person, and mi like movements, and that is happening now, so mi just feel so optimistic and blessed these days that it is coming out in my music," he said. Three years ago, Darrio was in a dark place. He had severed ties with SubKonshus Music and then his world was shattered when one of his best friends, Delus, committed suicide. The two year anniversary of Delus' death was June 22 this year. "That day in 2016 was a nightmare, it's a day I try not to remember, me and Delus were supposed to make a flex, and then I got the news, and now, he's gone, we can't get to make no more flex. It was a day that made me evaluate life and my surroundings in a real way," he said. In 2016, even though he had cut ties with Konshens, he had maintained a close relationship with Delus. "Me and Delus go pon a tour of Africa after me stop par with SubKonshus. Delus ah mi real bredda, him come link me everyday, mi dont have to have any reason to link him. When mi left SubKonshus in October the previous year, Delus drop out June the next year, so it was a tough time for me. Mi lose two friend, one dead and one act dead, things happen and mi move on," he said. These days, Darrio is just happy to be making music. "I am in a happy place, I have a better appreciation of life, and the value of the amazing people in it. As my song says, I am really up today," he said.

Christopher Samuda (right), president of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) and Ryan Foster (left), JOA CEO greet some members of Jamaica's delegation during the official send-off of the men's and women's rugby teams to the Pan Am Games qualifiers in Barbados.  The occasion took place at the JOA headquarters in Kingston on Tuesday.

Jamaica’s men’s and women’s rugby teams were fully convinced of achieving Pan American and Olympic Games qualification, upon their departure earlier this weekfor the Pan Am Games qualifiers in Barbados this weekend. Local members of both teams took pride of place and utilised the opportunity to showcase their optimism, during a send-off at the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), the island’s parent body for sports. “I’m confident in my team that we’ll be able to qualify for the Pan Am Games and Hong Kong Sevens. We’ve put in all the work and we’re going down there not only to compete, but to perform to the best of our ability,” said Sasha-Gay Green, captain of the national women’s team, popularly referred to as Lady Crocs. “Our main rivals will be the Trinidadians and the Mexicans and we’re confident we can beat them,” added Green. “We’ve beaten Trinidad before and Mexico, right now they’re the main ones and we’re going to snap them. They’re the serpents and we’re the crocodiles and we’re going to bite them. I’m confident my Lady Crocs can beat whoever we come up against.” Oshane Edie, captain of the men’s team, said he was confident but expressed a bit of caution. “We’re the defending champions, but we’re not banking on that. We’ve made our preparations and analysed the teams that we’re going up against.” Looking at the competition, Edie added: “Bermuda is coming strong and we’re looking at them because they’ve made some additions to their team as well. We encountered Trinidad and Guyana in Colombia and we understand what they’re going to bring to the table. We’ve trained for that, we’re going out there on our toes and we’re expecting to play our game.” In Colombia, both finished as top Caribbean teams at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games, with the Reggae Crocs securing the bronze medal. The Jamaicans will launch their quest on Saturday in group play, which funnels the lead teams into bigger play-off spots and ultimately Sunday’s finals. The champion team is guaranteed a spot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics; while the top two will advance to the Pan American Games to be held in Lim, Peru, which also presents opportunity for Olympic competition. “We’re looking towards the ‘Lima Invasion’,” noted Christopher Samuda, JOA President, as he referenced the Pan Am Games host city. “This will be a test, every new beginning is a test of your mettle, gumption, focus, team spirit,” he noted of the challenge in Barbados, which the JOA assisted with sponsorship valued at $1 million. “Lima Invasion is one aspect of the journey, the landmark is Tokyo and the JOA is fully behind you.” Ryan Foster, the JOA’s CEO, also endorsed the rugby teams’ recent advances. He said: "The JOA is pleased with the level of growth and success in the rubgy movement. Following on the recent success in the CAC Games and their qualification and participation in the World Cup, rubgy is on an upward trajectory and is definitely one of the sports that will be a part of the 10 sporting disciplines in Tokyo 2020. “We are proud of their success and the level of sacrifice made by their athletes for country. I am a proud CEO as this has been our most successful year in many regards coming from the Commonwealth Games, CAC Games and the World U20 championship," he added. For the latestnews, download our app athttp://bit.ly/GetALoopJMfor Android; and athttp://bit.ly/GetiLoopJMfor IoS.

USADA chief executive Travis Tygart.

The chiefexecutive of the United StatesAnti-Doping Agency (USADA) has called the decision to lift the ban on the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) by theWorld Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) executive committeea "devastating blow to the world's clean athletes". RUSADA was suspendedin November 2015 following allegations of widespreaddoping made inthe McLaren Report, but on Thursday WADA president Craig Reedie announcedthat a "great majority" of the executive committee's votes werein favour of reinstating Russia. WADA and RUSADA had agreed a detailed 'Roadmap to Compliance' following the ban and the committee deliberated over whether Russian authorities had fulfilledtwo criteria–ifthe responsible bodieshad accepted the reported outcomes of the McLaren Report and whether they would provideaccess to samples in a Moscow laboratory. Last week a compliance review committee recommended the reinstatement, stating it had "sufficiently acknowledged the issues identified in Russia" following a letter from the country's Minister of Sport. However, Travis Tygart, USADA's chief executive, has criticised the decision to reinstate Russia. "Today marked the biggest decision in the World Anti-Doping Agency's history, and it delivered a devastating blow to the world's clean athletes," he said in a statement. "By ripping up the very Roadmapit created, WADA's decision to reinstate Russia despite the nation not having met the two remaining Roadmap conditions is bewildering and inexplicable." UK Anti-Doping chief executive Nicole Sapstead claimed unanswered questions remained in the case and queried why the decision has been made now. She said in a statement: "The outcome of today's WADA meeting is deeply troubling for clean sport. WADA has cast aside its responsibilities to clean athletes, sports fans and those who work tirelessly for clean sport. "This meeting was an opportunity to postpone this decision to give all relevant parties enough time to put forward their views. We cannot understand the urgency to make a decision." The IAAF also released a statement in which it said it would review the decision made by WADA and that conditions would need to be met before the Russian Athletics Federation could be reinstated.