The average Jamaican should be earmarking at least 30% of their current income towards their retirement planning, on a monthly basis, was the advice shared by JMMB’s financial educator, Michelle Sinclair-Doyley, during the recently held financial forum, organized by the company at the Jamaica Pegasus. She added that women need to invest more money for retirement planning, as they typically have a longer life expectancy than men. In Jamaica, the elderly makes up 11. 5 per cent of the population, according to the 2014 statistics published by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, and is projected to reach 25 per cent by 2050. Against this background, it is important for individuals to plan for this stage of their life. “Retirement planning should begin as early as possible, as early as your first pay cheque.” Using the analogy of a marathon, the financial educator shared that one’s financial journey required varying financial strategies, in order to achieve his/her financial goals and enjoy retirement with a ‘victory lap’. During early career years, investors were encouraged to solidify good financial management principles by creating a budget, to ensure that they can determine where shortfalls exist and take steps towards closing this gap with additional sources of income, such as investment opportunities, new ventures or reducing expenses. She also emphasized the importance of persons investing in themselves, to increase their earning potential and thus increase their sources of income. Sinclair-Doyley underscored the need to have an emergency fund and insurance to assist individuals with unforeseen expenses, while protecting their investments and assets from incidentals, such as: illnesses and death of a loved one. Additionally, she noted that having an emergency fund and insurance in place will help to prevent individuals from being burdened with high unmanageable debt, due to unforeseen circumstances. This debt she cautioned could cripple individuals by reducing the amount of disposable income they have to take advantage of further investments in later years, and delay their retirement preparation. JMMB’s Manager, Client Partnership, at the Portmore Branch, Andrew O’Connor, who co-hosted the event, shared that investors, during the mid-career years, when individuals typically have greater earning power, should take the opportunity to strengthen their investment portfolio by including high interest earning assets such as: stocks, bonds, unit trusts and new ventures, since they typically outperform market rates, depreciation and inflation. Emphasizing that the opponents in the race include inflation, depreciation and market interest rates, he shared that at this stage investors This period which was likened to the ‘top speed’ of the race, gives investors the opportunity to make up any ground that could have been lost earlier in one’s financial race; while also building momentum which will help later on in the financial race, and providing investors with sufficient time to recover from any financial downturns. This approach would allow investors to outpace opponents such as: inflation, depreciation and low market interest rates. In building your investment portfolio, JMMB’s financial expert noted that each investor would have to consider his/her risk tolerance, that is, the ability and willingness to withstand variability in the value of one’s investments over time. As persons approach retirement age, Sinclair-Doyley advised that individuals should seek to ‘reduce their momentum’, by instead relying on income generating assets amassed in the earlier phase of the financial race. Some of these assets would include: rental income and business ventures. The income from these sources will allow persons the comfort of increasing their wealth while reducing the proportion of high risk investments, for example stocks. Individuals a few years away from retirement were also encouraged to steadily manage their debt, eliminating it, where possible, ahead of retirement, while protecting their assets accumulated over time from financial mishaps; thereby comfortably taking a ‘victory lap’ towards retirement. JMMB Group has positioned itself as a Financial Life Goals Centre and aims to partner with individuals during their financial journey and provide practical solutions to help people achieve their goals. As such during the forum the presenters highlighted numerous investment, loan and insurance solutions critical to support goal achievement, including: unit trusts; and packaged financial solutions, such as the JMMB Graduate. The event is in line with JMMB Group’s financial partnership approach and thrust towards financial education. It also seeks to empower and educate the investing public and other Jamaicans, to ensure that they are better equipped to manage their finances, and understand how current economic trends impact their investment opportunities and achievement of their life goals.

The Jamaican dollar revalued by three cents against the US dollar on Friday, according to the trading summary from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ). The Jamaican dollar closed at $127.78 against the US from $127.81 on the prior trading day. Meanwhile, the British Pound Sterling closed at $168.55 from $167.64, while the Canadian dollar closed at $101.70 from $102.76.

Kamal Powell (left) unveils Patrice Roberts' Official Photos for the partnership while Ding Dong looks on.

The Gruppo Campari manufactured and distributed Magnum Tonic Wine has partnered with Trinidadian soca songstress Patrice Roberts and dancehall artisteDing Dong as they expand the connection with consumers in the region. Magnum Tonic Wine has been impacting popular culture in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean since 1999. The product is a fortified tonic wine with 16.5 per centalcohol, and includes made with Vigorton 2, a source of iron, minerals and vitamin B6. The brand is Jamaica’s highest-selling tonic wine, and recently launched a modernized facelift for the brand’s packaging’s label over the past 18 months throughout the region to further position the liquid in more diverse consumer spaces. According to Gruppo Campari in a press release, Roberts is a fitting envoy for the brand, coming on the heels of a successful 2017 Soca season with her Unforgettable collaboration with Kerwin Du Bois and Big Girl Now. Roberts, who made a name for herself alongside Machel Montano and his HD Band, has collaborated with dancehall stars like Busy Signal, and will add her signature sass and striking voice to the events and promotions. “Magnum Tonic Wine is energetic and is a reflection of my energy. I look forward to the opportunity to showcase my diversity,” said Roberts as she lauded the move by the regional brand to choose her as brand ambassador. Born Kemar Ottey, Ding Dong is the founder of the dancing group Ravers Clavers and brought the dance moves Syvah, Low Mi Nuh and Shampoo to prominence, so much so that Usain Bolt famously performed Ding Dong’s Nuh Linga moves after winning gold at the Olympics in 2008. His breakout single was Holiday, and most recent fast-rising single is Shoulder Fling. A constant chart-topper in dancehall, Ding Dong exudes energy on and off the stage and is known to 'tek charge' during his performances. Ding Dong has currently amassed over 10 million accumulative streams on YouTube, and has collaborated with artistes such as Sean Kingston, Elephant Man, Aidonia, Konshens, among a slew of others. Ding Dong promises to bring vibes and excitement to the partnership. “Magnum is a brand that connects with the man in the streets, It is fun and alive and bold and I am happy to be aligned with this regional brand,” he explained. Kamal Powell, Regional Marketing Manager at Gruppo Campari for the Caribbean, said the artistes will make appearances on behalf of the brand and will be featured in the promotion. “Patrice Roberts and Ding Dong are bold and powerful talents that shine across the Caribbean. They embody the magnetism of soca and dancehall music, which are the main genres of music from the Caribbean recognized worldwide. We are pleased to have them onboard and anticipate magic as they connect with Magnum Tonic Wine consumers," Powell said.

Justin Timberlake has finally been invited back to the Super Bowl halftime show, 14 years after the "wardrobe malfunction" with Janet Jackson caused a national controversy. The NFL announced Sunday night that Timberlake will headline the Super Bowl halftime show Feb. 4 in Minnesota. This will be Timberlake's third Super Bowl halftime performance, the most for any entertainer. Timberlake performed at the 2001 Super Bowl with N'Sync, and he sang "Rock Your Body" with Jackson in 2004 in Houston. That performance concluded with Timberlake ripping her costume to reveal her right breast bare except for a nipple shield. During an interview broadcast at halftime of NBC's "Sunday Night Football," Timberlake laughed off questions about a repeat of the infamous moment, which drew CBS a $550,000 fine from the Federal Communications Commission that was later overturned. "That won't happen this time," he said. Timberlake has won 10 Grammys, and the Tennessee native also has won four Emmys. He said the best Super Bowl performances have spoken to the mood of the nation. "What I really want to do is take the opportunity to put together a performance that feels like it unifies," Timberlake said. "I feel like that would be the ultimate accomplishment, and then the icing on the cake is at some point within that 12 minutes that everybody is shaking their booty."

Sport Minister Olivia Grange and Chinese Ambassador Niu Qingbao signed a Letter of Exchange sealing a technical cooperation project on sports which will see the provision of Chinese coaches for seven sporting disciplines in Jamaica. Supporting the Minister is Dr Janice Lindsay, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry (left), while Fan Jianghong, Counsellor, Economic and Commercial Counsellor Office, People’s Republic of China Embassy accompanied the Ambassador (right).

Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, says Jamaica will,for the first time, have the benefit of coaches from China for the sporting disciplines of swimming, synchronized swimming, badminton, gymnastics, volleyball, football and basketball. A Letter of Exchange sealing a technical cooperation project on sports was signed between Minister Grange and Niu Qingbao, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica, at the Jamaica Pegasus on Monday morning. “For volleyball, football and basketball the emphasis will be on the women’s programmes where we know the need is greatest,” Grange explained. “In the first instance, the coaches will be in Jamaica for one month in January 2018,” she said. During the project, to run from 2018-2020, Jamaica will send to China a group of approximately 138 athletes, coaches and other support personnel for a stay of two months, during which time they will experience training and competition in China. She said the project which also includes the provision of equipment is being funded by the Chinese Government to the tune of US$7 million. Minister Grange said the Jamaican Government is expected to put a plan in place to ensure effective project management as well as ensure the security and welfare of the coaches. Ambassador Niu Qingbao said China was particularly pleased with the technical cooperation project as Jamaica and China mark the 45th Anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic relations. “We want more of these exchanges which benefit our two countries,” he said. The signing ceremony was attended by a number of representatives from various sports associations and institutions.

Usain Bolt (foreground) with Lewis Hamilton ahead of the Formula One driver taking the sprint legend for 'a spin'. (PHOTO: Instagram)

The fastest man in the world got in some laps with one of the fastest drivers in the world. And the result was the sprinter's legs feeling a bit like jelly. Retired Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt jumped in a sports car for two laps with Mercedes driver and Formula One championship leader Lewis Hamilton ahead of Sunday's USGrand Prix. Hamilton put Bolt and the car through sliding corners and spins, a performance that took Bolt's breath away. "I genuinely was not ready for that," Bolt said. "That was really stressful. He took the traction control off. I thought I was going to die." Hamilton laughed about the ride. "I was on the limit. We nearly crashed several times. I wasn't watching where I was going. Don't do that at home," Hamilton said. Bolt was designated the official starter for the race. He said he's rooting for Hamilton to win a fourth career driver's championship. Before his laps with Hamilton, Bolt said he's impressed with the fitness of F1 drivers. He said Hamilton has told him about the endurance running and gym workouts he does to stay fit.


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