Saturday 11 July, 2020

Whatever you want, this J’can errand service will Guhdeh for you

Guhdeh Errand Runners & Courier founder Wendell Richards is ready to take your orders. (Photos: Contributed)

Guhdeh Errand Runners & Courier founder Wendell Richards is ready to take your orders. (Photos: Contributed)

“Are you or anyone you know 60 and over?” … “We would like to offer a helping hand.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and as soon as the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) imposed a special restriction for the elderly, one delivery service operator implemented his own senior citizen discount.

Wendell Richards, principal of Guhdeh Errand Runners, is offering free delivery and errand services for senior citizens.

And, his timing is perfect!

With the tagline “Whatever! Whenever! Wherever YOU want! We’ll Go There!” the SME that started in Portland, Jamaica over 20 years ago is now booming in Kingston with particular care for the elderly.

But, Guhdeh does not discriminate, shopping and delivery services island-wide are available for everyone!

However, Richards wasn’t always focused on building his dream job. A couple of years ago, Richards fell into a career in television and production.

But, last month, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to give Guhdeh a second chance.

“If you know someone over 60, encourage them to stay in. We’ll help! Guhdeh offers free shopping and free delivery services to the most vulnerable amongst us, during these times,” he stated.

“I have been given a lot of opportunities and I’m using Guhdeh to remind myself to be grateful.”

“I was thinking about the effects of COVID-19, and I thought about my mother who lives alone in Portland with nobody to help her. I know there are a few people that assist her like neighbours and so on and I started thinking about the ways I could help other people in similar situations.”

Richards’ original clients are elderly and those unable to fend for themselves, so making this a staple in his company was a no-brainer.

Supplying a demand, if you will.

For more information, contact Guhdeh Errand Runners at:

1 (876) 537-8150 via call or WhatsApp

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