Saturday 31 October, 2020

On the walls: Jamaican artists in the Kingston Creative Hub

Inside the Kingston Creative Hub's hot-desk area. (Photos: Stuart Reeves)

Inside the Kingston Creative Hub's hot-desk area. (Photos: Stuart Reeves)

Loop Lifestyle got the opportunity recently to tour the Kingston Creative Hub, a co-working space in the heart of downtown, Kingston.

The Kingston Creative Hub (KCH), at 107 Harbour Street, is neatly tucked away upstairs the historic Swiss Stores.

A walk up to the second floor reveals murals by Tamara Harding and Rebecca Levy, and a ‘hot-desk’ area decked out with lounge seating, hanging swings, and quaint office spaces.

On the walls: Art in the Kingston Creative Hub cowork space

The 2200-sq ft space fits six offices, a hot-desk lounge, a podcast booth, and a conference room.

One corridor fronts large-format pop art by Kianne Hutchinson; the other, the majority of the six private rooms, where one may find the podcast studio.

The space to behold is the 20-seater conference room which doubles as a photo studio, and is a minimalist’s dream, aptly dotted with drone photography by Yanic Barrett.

(L-R) Bianca Welds, KCH pod organiser and executive director Andrea Dempster Chung; Odessa Chambers, entertainment executive and host of the event; Rebecca Levy, artist; The Hub Coworking co-founders Joelle Smith and Peta-Gay Pryce, and singer/songwriter Sevana.

The once dusty storage space was re-imagined by interior designer Joelle Smith from If Walls Could Talk and managing director/co-founder of The Hub Coworking Ltd.

KCH, through its facilities, offerings, and networks, seeks to empower Jamaican creatives to succeed so that they can create economic and social value.

So, for Smith, KCH was a passion project that allowed her full rein in selecting the art she’d inject into the space.

Jamaican artists Tamara Harding, Kianne Hutchinson, Rebecca Levy, and Yanic Barrett are some of the artists that were tapped to occupy the space, and there’s more to come, Smith told Loop Lifestyle.

From Yanic Barrett’s drone photography of Jamaican shorelines to Tamara Harding’s ‘create’ mural, designed with Sharpies, Loop Lifestyle spotlights the Jamaican artists currently in the Kingston Creative Hub.

Kianne Hutchinson (@kianne.patrice)

- Digital pop art – ‘Lines’ and ‘inspire’ in large format on vinyl

Tamara Harding (@mara.harding)

- ‘create’, a mural made with Sharpie markers

- Guango table top in the podcast room

Rebecca Levy (@gimedatbecky)

- P L A Y, a 33” x 11” large mural in the hot-desk area

Yanic Barrett (@yanicmb)

- Drone photography in conference room/photo studio. 

Interior designer, Joelle Smith: @ifwallscouldtalkja

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