Thursday 22 October, 2020

A view from the outside: Showering with a cup

With Karyl Walker

Jamaica, the land of wood and, these days, no water.

Flew back to the land of my birth this week. The heat was recognisable. This is the tropical isle of Jamrock no less. The sun should shine down.

That means regular showers.

But how does that work with air coming from the pipes?

Well, before leaving the island over a month ago, I was prudent enough to fill containers with the precious liquid. The forethought put me in good stead. At least I could bathe.

But that act was going to be a task.

As humans, we tend to take simple things for granted. Being born and raised in Jamaica, I am well versed in the fact that we are beset by a water crisis. I knew how to bathe with a cup. We Jamaicans do it regularly and there will not even be a hint that we were not showering under a full gush of water. But life in the US seems to have spoilt me. I shook my head in shame as I struggled to get clean out of the gallon of water I chose to bathe with.

How could this be?

I am used to this. This is my home and a little water crisis can't and should never hamper me. Little consolation. I felt unclean after the act and, to compound matters, I started sweating immediately after leaving the small house.

I found the presence of mind to chuckle at myself however. 

"You have lost the Jamaican touch. Little water gone and you can't even manage?" I said to myself.

I made a resolution to visit the Hermitage Dam before I return to Florida and see for myself the water level there.

The time has long gone for a new water storage facility to be constructed to supply the Corporate Area. Any Government which pulls that off will be a savior. They will turn sweat into water.

My finger will be dipped in ink.

That is my view from the outside.

Karyl Walker is a multi-award-winning journalist who has worked for Loop Jamaica, the Jamaica Observer, the RJR Communications Group and Nationwide Radio among other media entities. He now resides in South Florida.The opinions expressed in this column represent the views of the writer and not necessarily that of Loop News.

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