Monday 6 July, 2020

Two killed in disputes in St Mary within two hours on Friday

The St Mary police are probing the killing of two men in separate incidents within a two hour period in the districts of Lewistore and Cromwelland on Friday night.

A suspects in one of the killings that reportedly involved a fuss over work done on a house, has been apprehended by the police and is to be questioned by investigators.

The deceased have been identified as 36-year-old Delroy Williams of Lewistore district, and 55-year-old Paul Forrest of Highgate, both in St Mary.

In the first incident, Williams and another man were both chopped by unknown assailants in Lewistore.

Reports are that sometime after 9pm, the two men were travelling on a motorcycle in the community, when they were attacked by men armed with machetes.

Further reports are that Williams tried to elude his attackers, but was chased and chopped several times.

The other man sustained a chop wound to his hand by the attackers who later fled from the scene.

The police were alerted and both wounded men were assisted to a hospital, where Williams was pronounced dead and the other man was treated.

At about 11pm, Forrest was allegedly stabbed by a man who had earlier employed him to carry out work at the man’s home.

The man was reportedly not unsatisfied with the work that had been done, and confronted Forrest on a section of the roadway in Cromwelland.

The dispute reportedly escalated to the where the man used a sharp implement to stab Forrest twice to the upper body.

Forrest was assisted to a hospital, where he died while undergoing treatment.

The suspect was subsequently apprehended by the police.

The two killings followed closely on the heels of last Monday's stabbing death of 25-year-old dancehall artiste, Glamma Don, in Tremolesworth, also in St Mary.

A suspect in that incident, who fled the area shortly after stabbing Don - real name Henry Wynter – reportedly during a dispute, was later handed over to the police by his relatives.

It is not clear whether the suspect has since been charged by the police.

Reports are that on Monday, June 22 at about 1pm, Wynter was on his way to a recording studio when he got into a dispute with a man with whom he had been engaged in a longstanding feud.

Knives were reportedly drawn by both men, and the artiste was subsequently stabbed.

He was assisted to a hospital, where he died.

A resident of Highgate in St Mary, Glamma Don was known for singles such as 'Don't Rush', 'My Life' and 'Think Smart'. His most recent single, 'Traitor', was recorded a week before his death.

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