Monday 26 October, 2020

Singing Melody ready for 'The Next Chapter'

Singing Melody performing at Rebel Salute 2020.

Singing Melody performing at Rebel Salute 2020.

Reggae singer Singing Melody is ready for the next chapter of his illustrious career and his newest album, 'The Next Chapter' is a living testament to the singer's evolution from a lover's rock superstar into a global music force. 

The 16-track album, which will be released via Tuff Gong International/S.H.E.M Music/Your Friend in Music labels on October 16th,  shows the singer's metamorphosis as he dabbles in genres such as Afrobeats, trap-dancehall and R & B, along with his usual mainstays of reggae and its sub-genre, lover's rock. 

"I am honoured and motivated to be working with Tuff Gong International on this project, they are very excited about the music, they feel it has global appeal," an excited Singing Melody told Loop News

The album features three collaborations, 'Never Leave' featuring Teddy Riley and J. Sol, 'Keep You Warm' featuring Ghanaian artiste Budukusu and the Latin-infused 'Caliente' featuring emerging dancehall artiste Whitter The Legend. 

"What we're trying to do with this album is to surgically target different markets in the global marketplace, that's why we have songs like 'Caliente' -- where the vocals are in Spanish and English -- is directed towards the Latin audience," the artiste whose real name is Everton Hardweare, said. 

"We're experimenting with Afrobeats, we have lover's rock for our core audience, and the traditional reggae for the European market. This is a global product, I am fusing my sound, so that it can fit in with trap-dancehall, Afrobeats and the Latin markets," Singing Melody added. 

He said that he welcomed the challenge of "renewing his spirit" after a career spanning 30 years. Four years ago, he became a vegan and started running five miles a day dropping 30 pounds to a trim, svelte 174 pounds, what he calls his 'fighting weight'.

"I have evolved, this is not the version of Singing Melody with a belly," the artiste joked. 

"I pay attention to the music and what is trending, and while it doesn't produce sales, I still want to connect with that younger audience. My career is over 30 years, so I have to explore different ways to express myself and rely on my navigational skills to just make music," he said. 

Singing Melody has also adopted key meditation and breathing techniques to create that Zen mode to spiritually infuse his life and his music. 

"I believe I am in my prime in terms of creating and energy. I have more energy in terms of performing now. I have remained active during the pandemic, keeping fit and doing yard work to keep myself active during this time. I am a vegan so you know right now is a 'food war'," he said.  

Singing Melody's previous album, 'They Call Me Mr. Melody', produced by S.H.E.M Music and Fat Eyes Production, was released in 2012, and distributed by VP Records. The lead single from that album, 'Collide', reached the #1 position on the Top 20 music chart for Aruba.

Now, with his seventh album about to be launched, Singing Melody is looking to raise the ante as he believes that this album will showcase the full range of musical virtuosity.

Standout tracks include the lead track, 'Prove It To Me' which was released a few months ago, and the artfully produced 'Give Thanks' which pays homage to the reggae, rocksteady and ska pioneers who helped to shape the music industry today. 

"Give Thanks is a very important song for me because it allows me to let the veterans know I am grateful for all they have done which allows me to come now and add colour to the table. That's what I am doing now, adding more colour to what has gone before, I am part of a larger whole," he said. 

Singing Melody is s known for his abilities as a vocalist, his production work and for combining aspects of reggae and R&B in his own releases. He is best known for songs such as the local chart-topper "Want You Back", 'Shower Me With Your Love', 'Say What' and 'Let It Flow'. 

In the 2000s, Singing Melody formed the reggae group L.U.S.T with Lukie D, Thriller U, and Tony Curtis. They have released two albums, Sweetness of Your Love in 2007 and Inspiration in 2010.

"It was truly an amazing journey and to be there with Toots and Maytals was a thrill for us, and it was awesome to be in the top ten finalists, even though we never won, we felt like winners to be there representing for Jamaica," he said. 

There will be a cyber launch of 'The Next Chapter' which will be held at a villa with a live band on October 16th. The event will be streamed live all over the world. 

"This is going to be an amazing event," he said. 

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