Sunday 12 July, 2020

'See Me': A tribute to George Floyd, other victims of police brutality

The police killing of unarmed black man George Floyd has united people across the world in the fight against racism and social injustices.

Among those touched by Floyd's death is Jamaican corporate executive Kareem McKenzie, who has penned a poem in tribute to Floyd and other victims of police brutality.

Read McKenzie's heartfelt poem entitled, 'See Me', below.


See me, for the BEST in me and not the worst

See me, as a HUMAN being. Why don’t you see that first?  

See me, not for the BLACK that’s worn on my skin

See me, for the BEAUTIFUL heart that lies within


Why are you so quick to judge and paint me with your colourful WORDS?

Yet, if only you took the time, the time to hear my STORY told

You point fingers and make STEREOTYPICAL remarks

Whilst still failing to see me and this FRAGILE heart


I am only human, just like YOU

Is there no regard, simply because you wear BLUE?

So here I am writing my closing chapter; your KNEE planted squarely in my neck

“I can’t breathe!!!” “I can’t breathe!!!” “I can’t breathe!!!”

Without words, your EYES simply say “so what the heck?”


As I gasp for air and my heavenly FATHER gently calls me home

LIFE is leaving my body; pretty soon my FAMILY and the whole world will be left to MOURN

My oxygen levels are now RUNNING low

But let me make this FINAL utterance, just before I go

BLACK or WHITE, God made us all EQUAL in case you didn’t know

LOVE is the ANSWER that we all must show


And in a faint and final WHISPER as I take my last breath

My CRIES continue to echo and along the pavement left

For GENERATIONS to come, a day in HISTORY we most certainly will NEVER forget

SEE ME, SEE ME, SEE ME, why don’t you see that FIRST?


Kareem O McKenzie is a financial controller.

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