Thursday 1 October, 2020

Rohan Chung files for magisterial recount in Central Manchester

Rohan Chung

Rohan Chung

A magisterial recount of the Central Manchester constituency is scheduled to get underway before the Manchester Parish Court on Friday morning. 

Independent candidate Rohan Chung, who contested the Central Manchester seat, has filed for the recount, citing that several votes cast for him in the September 3 election were unfairly rejected during the recount process.

At the end of the preliminary count, Chung had 67 votes. However, he ended up with 49 after the ballots were recounted.

The final count of the votes in Central Manchester saw the JLP's Rhoda Moy Crawford receiving 8,192 votes to defeat the PNP's Peter Bunting, who polled 6,939 votes.

Crawford defeated Chung by 8,143 votes. 

In his affidavit seeking a magisterial recount, Chung alleged that when he arrived at the Manchester High School for the recount on Saturday, September 5, he was "jared and a lady was requesting security to have me removed." 

According to the affidavit, Chung further claimed that "I could not see the ballot properly and I was objecting to a ballot that was marked twice. After which I would (was) told that they do not have all day and started to count the ballot fast and ignored my objections by kissing his teeth." 

He also alleged that the returning officer's assistant "improperly rejected" a few of his ballots, and "a lot of the PD that family and friends voted (for) me came in empty."

"...before I left too there was made mention of an incident by one of the EOJ (Electoral Office of Jamaica) staff that I had a PD where the preliminary numbers indicating I had 22 votes buy by time it got in I was told it had been change to another candidate," the affidavit, which was signed by Chung on September 8, stated.

The EOJ is yet to respond to those allegations made by the independent candidate. 

Friday's magisterial recount is set to get underway at 10am at the Manchester Parish Court in Mandeville. 

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