Saturday 24 October, 2020

Rad Dixon releases 'Missing You' single

Rad Dixon

Rad Dixon

At a time when the world is isolated by degrees of social distancing, loneliness and sadness is at an all-time high, everything can seem graver nowadays. 

The world needs a calming voice, and into the fray steps reggae singer Rad Dixon and his new single, 'Missing You'.

The track is beautifully sung by Dixon, his vocals accentuated by an up-tempo dancehall-style rhythm. Dixon sings sentimental lyrics with rapid-fire delivery and the chorus floats and echoes above all. ‘Missing You’ proves that Dixon can navigate between dancehall and reggae instrumentals with ease.

"If you’ve experienced a death that left a deep hole in your heart, like most of us have during these times, you will easily relate to this powerful song," Dixon said. 

‘Missing You’ is compelling enough to make you sing its catchy hook along with Rad Dixon while sending up thoughts to even people who you never met in your life. It is the perfect song to dedicate to not only the memories of your close loved ones, but also to people that everyone worldwide shared a love for. 

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