Sunday 25 October, 2020

Peoples From Barbados: What’s your number?

PFB 13, the style featured in the campaign, is available in four colours reflecting a Bajan soul and Caribbean flair in every pair. (Photos: Jaryd Niles-Morris)

PFB 13, the style featured in the campaign, is available in four colours reflecting a Bajan soul and Caribbean flair in every pair. (Photos: Jaryd Niles-Morris)

If the future you are gazing toward is as bright as the Bajan Sun, remember, it is a star and you are too, Peoples From Barbados – poet Kevin Devaney for PFB.

Peoples From Barbados (PFB) released a new collection of summer shades!

Handmade in Japan and designed by actual people from Barbados, PFB is the island’s first luxury eyewear collection.

The four-year-old brand is a most beautiful blend of Bajan soul/Caribbean flair etched into elegant artisan eyewear.

Enjoy these posh images, shot on location at Half Moon Fort, Barbados Island. 

The summer shades edit

The face behind the frames – optometrist/entrepreneur Alicia Hartman opted for ‘A Bajan Dream’-inspired Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

The Peoples From Barbados collection embodies the intense warmth, fresh colour and natural style of the Bajan lifestyle through authentic statement designs which enhance the features. With this collection, I have embarked on a journey beyond my wildest dreams engaging people from across the world in a story of our people… -- Alicia Hartman, Founder, Peoples From Barbados

Since the launch of Peoples From Barbados (PFB) Eyewear in spring 2016, Hartman has captured unique energy and spirit through her exuberance, passion, and commitment to culture and community.

This is revealed in the artwork, photography and style of the catalogue images.

Hartman believes her frames represent a captivating celebration of the Bajan lifestyle with a contemporary design and quality that appeals to peoples from all walks.

PFB features exclusive speciality tints, soft flash mirrors, unique gradient tints, and as optical frames with Blue Block AR-coated lenses. 

You can grab a pair in Barbados at EYE Q Stylist Opticians in Limegrove, Barbados and at Eye Q Optical in Manor Park, Kingston, Jamaica.

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection highlights another dimension of the versatile PFB design ethos.

Since 2016, the collection has grown to a complete set of 10 designs, featuring styles for both men and women.

Three of the bestselling women’s sunglasses – PFB 08, 13, and 16 – are now available as ophthalmic styles.

Among the impressive features of PFB’s are the unique laminations or metal and acetate combination fronts mixed with technical, screwless stainless flat hinges – a unique feature of the line.

Sunset tones and bespoke tints are key themes for each design, and, the end tips are coordinated with the same acetate colours as the frame front.

Hints of azure blue (the sea and sky), deep ochre (Barbados rum) or delicate pastel pink (replicating natural tones at sunrise and sunset) make-up the four Bajan-inspired colourways.

The nostalgic beauty of Half Moon Fort, Barbados

The Peoples From Barbados campaign was shot at Half Moon Fort on the North West coast of the island, a place that has fond memories for Hartman.

‘As a youngster, I spent some of my teenage years in this beautiful unspoilt corner of the island,’ she says. 

‘I remember lying on this same cliff where we stopped to shoot: I would gaze into the sunset as it disappeared into the horizon, dreaming of the future and everything I wanted to achieve.’

The new Peoples From Barbados campaign features Barbadian model Jalicia Nightengale, who was photographed by Jaryd Niles-Morris, the Barbados-born photographer who launched Hartman’s first photographic projects in 2018.

The words accompanying the imagery, dedicated to Peoples From Barbados Eyewear, are by the travelling street poet, Kevin Devaney.

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