Wednesday 21 October, 2020

Lloyd Bailey Foundation assists the elderly and kids of Waterford

Kids being feted at a treat organised bu the Lloyd Bailey Foundation in Waterford.

Kids being feted at a treat organised bu the Lloyd Bailey Foundation in Waterford.

Odette Bailey, executive director of the Lloyd Bailey Foundation is working hard in the communities of Waterford in Portmore to help elderly residents who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I give ground provisions in June, and July, and in August, I organised food giveaways to elderly shut-ins and needy households in Waterford. In August, the team went house to house and gave away 300 pounds of chicken to persons in need in the area," Bailey, executive director of the Lloyd Bailey Foundation, said. 

The foundation was established in 2017 by Bailey as a back to school effort geared towards helping the children of the community, but then during the pandemic, that need has morphed towards the elderly, and providing for at-risk households struggling economically. Bailey said she is honouring the memory of her father who passed away a few years because he was a community philanthropist.

"I love and enjoy doing this, my father would be proud of what I am doing. I am not wealthy, everybody is struggling here in the United States, I am an everyday person who goes and works for a living but my philosophy is different, I look at life, the more I give, the more I get," Bailey reasoned. 

Typically, she would allot US$8,000 annually towards the family fun day and treat for the kids in August during which she would provide rides, and give away food, school supplies, popcorn and other treats for the kids. Now, she has allotted that money towards a one-woman-financial-aid effort to assist needy households, especially the elderly. 

"The reason I started the foundation was to honour the memory of my dad who passed away in 2016. I have helped countless people with the foundation, give school supplies every year to dozens of kids, technological gadgets to children who pass GSAT for traditionally, and grants to assist in buying books," she said. 

"My father was one of the first residents to live on Granville Road in Waterford, he always helped people in the community, so I am carrying on the tradition, he wanted children to stay in school, anything to do with school, he gave back,so I am doing the same." 

Loyd Bailey worked at J Wray and Nephew as a bottle operator for over 33 years. 

Many households in Jamaica are struggling financially as a result of a COVID-19 related job losses, making it extremely difficult for several families to make ends meet and avoid devastating downstream effects like foreclosures or evictions. Since the pandemic cancelled the back to school treat, Ms Bailey turned her attention towards other humanitarian efforts. 

"When I realized the back to school treat for the kids in Waterford was cancelled because of the pandemic, I changed my plans, and decided to give away food provisions and Digicel and LIME credit during the Summer months...June, July and August to help the people of my community. We have to help those in need, food is very important, we have to survive this pandemic," she said .

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