Thursday 26 November, 2020

Lexx scores with 'Touchdown'

Mr Lexx

Mr Lexx

Dancehall artiste Mr Lexx is pleased with the buzz around his 'Lock It Down' single which is powering the sales behind his latest album, 'Touchdown'. 

"The album is doing very well, a lot of my fans have been buying the CD, I am getting an enormous amount of play, especially the track,  'Lock it Down' featuring Robbyn Goode. The fans love the verve and energy and this new updated sound I have been able to deliver with this album, all the songs are getting airplay," he told Loop News

The project, entitled 'Touchdown', was released two Fridays ago and by all accounts, he has scored with dancehall fans. 

"I was playing around with a couple of names for this project and for some reason 'Touchdown' just seemed to fit because I think it's about time I start scoring (musical) goals again. I have it and now everyone will get the chance to witness that again," he said. 

'Touchdown' has seven tracks and features seven up-and-coming artistes. He expressed that as a veteran, it was important that he allow some future players in the industry 'time off the bench' and on the field.

"No established artiste is featured on this project, and that was deliberate because I feel that sometimes we as veterans need to give younger artistes an opportunity they will cherish for the rest of their lives," he said. 

"All seven of these young artistes really look up to me and so I wanted to take them along for the ride. They will be the ones in the game when Mr Lexx retires, and so this is good starting grounds for them. I think this is a really good compilation and I'm expecting it to do well."

The entertainer, who gave the industry hits such 'Cook' and 'Full Hundred', says the compilation will see him adding a new flavour to his original style and flow.

"I didn't want anyone to box me in the whole '90s artiste thing' or 'Lexxus' (his previous name) being the 'girl deejay' and so I try to do different things. So it's going to be me but with a little twist," he said. "I wanted to make it something everyone could relate to and not just Jamaicans, and I think the world will appreciate the way I have put things together." 

'Touchdown' was produced by Tripple Ess Music, Clive Hunt and Christopher Palmer.

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