Saturday 24 October, 2020

Kyodi generates buzz with 'When Mi Nice'



One of the songs generating buzz in the dancehall these days is 'When Mi Nice' by 4th Generation artiste Kyodi.

The song has sparked a social media craze after the artiste conceptualised a contest among his growing legion of fans to choreograph a scene that depict them when they are enjoying themselves.

“There has been a tremendous improvement in the popularity of the song and it is growing everyday. Places where my songs were not being played it is being played now. Some people who I have never seen before and so on,” he said.

“This is the standard you can expect going forward and look out for me raising the bar. We have not yet realised our full potential yet. There is always space for me to learn,” ‘Kyodi said.

Kyodi has been honing his craft and has been using his life experiences to fuel his creative genius. He is one of several artistes who hail from or tap into the fountain of vibes that flows from the community of 'Big Yard' on Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew.

The single, 'When Me Nice', was recorded at the Yaad Music Studio which is located in the community. Big Yard has long been a source of inspiration for several prominent dancehall and reggae artistes who often find solace in the vibe and mood of the community members and the energy that can feed create genius.

“My environment is very important for me in creating my vibe. We feed off the sights, sounds and experiences. We have no qualms about using everything to inspire us,” he said.

The onset of the coronavirus has forced entertainers to find novel means of promoting their product and Kyodi has not rested on his laurels in utilising the vast medium of social media to promote the single which has been steaming forward among dancehall fans.

At present, an Instagram contest is underway where members of the public can record short videos of themselves flossing, galivanting and doing whatever they do when they are ‘nice’. The competition has gained steam and after just two weeks, entries are flooding in. A handsome cash prize awaits the winner.

Kyodi has been rising through the ranks of dancehall and aims to firmly cement his place as a constant hitmaker and not a one hit wonder.

“I know how hard it is to stay relevant in dancehall, so my aim is to be always on point with the pulse of the fans. The best is yet to come,” he said.

Kyodi had turned heads his way with his previous releases, 'Loyalty Strong', 'Oh No', 'Go Hard or Don’t Go', 'The Youth Dem A Winner' and 'Memba You Pass'.

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