Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Johnnie The Journey: How to Drink Whisky

Did you know that there are different techniques that you can use to enhance whisky's flavours?

Did you know that there are different techniques that you can use to enhance whisky's flavours?

When you read the title of this article you may be wondering “how to drink whisky? Don’t I just put it in a glass and drink?” If that’s your answer then you would be correct, there is no right or wrong way to drink whisky. However, there are different techniques that you can use to enhance the whisky flavours and make the entire drinking experience more pleasurable. In this edition of the Johnnie the Journey series, we’ll teach you three techniques that you can use.

First, before you drink your whisky you need to decide on the type of glass that you want to use. This will depend on how you plan on drinking it. If you want to have your whisky ‘neat’- whisky with no ice, no water, no added flavours just whisky poured straight from the bottle- or if you plan to mix the whisky with a little ice or water you would want to choose a short glass like a rock glass or a tumblr with a heavy base. If you want a ‘long’ whisky drink such as a highball, use a tall, slim, straight sided glass. Why is the choice of glass so important? Choosing the correct glass allows you to open the vapors of the whisky, appreciate all the whisky aromas, and savour the taste.






The next thing to do is decide what temperature you want your whisky to be. Do you want a straight from the bottle feel or do you want to enjoy it chilled? The temperature at which you drink whisky can have a profound effect on its flavor and how it feels in your mouth. For example, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve which is known for its creamy smoothness has a texture like honey when it is served well chilled.

Lastly, to enjoy the entire whisky experience you want to savour the smell of the whisky. Whisky consists of a blend of aromas that take your senses on a journey with each sip. To immerse yourself in this experience pour some whisky into your glass of choice, place your nose over the opening of the glass, inhale gently, then take a sip and swallow slowly. This experience allows you to truly enjoy the whisky and gives you a better appreciation for the differences in the taste leading to a more enjoyable experience.

However you decide to drink your whisky remember that experimentation is key to having an immersive and ultimately more enjoyable experience. Play around with these techniques we suggested or come up with some of your own until you find the serve that is right for you. 


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