Monday 26 October, 2020

HR for Business: Recruitment and technology

With Malaika T Edwards

Recruitment took a hit during the pandemic. Given the current situation, some organisations opted to put recruitment on hold for financial and/or safety reasons- this is understandable. Although things are not “back to normal,” business owners must now operate in the “new normal,” and for some businesses that means recruitment looks a little differently than it did before.

While most business owners are familiar with traditional Face2Face recruitment, others must now familiarize themselves with different recruitment methods to get the right person for the job - namely, video and audio-based recruitment. Although these techniques are not new, they may be new to some business owners. If the show must go on however, it will be important to utilize these methods and to get comfortable doing so.

There are different options available to business owners and their HR Support team, these include:

- Video Based Recruitment (Asynchronous)- where the recruitment team records questions for candidates, and candidates are given the opportunity to record their responses (within a fixed timeframe) for evaluation by the recruitment team.

-Video Based Recruitment (Synchronous)- where the recruitment team and candidates attend a virtual interview at the same time and engage in interactive dialogue with each other.

-Audio Based Recruitment- where the recruitment team records questions for candidates and candidates record their responses (within a fixed timeframe) - without using videos.

Some time ago, I did work for an organisation and during this engagement, we used asynchronous (pre recorded) interviews and audio based responses to assess our candidates. There are pros and cons to using each method. One of the significant advantages is safety, and despite the obvious drawbacks of not engaging in Face2Face interviews, safety is of utmost importance and must be given priority. Our current situation has shown us that Face2Face interviews are not always possible, not always necessary and not the only way to meet our candidates. Alternative recruitment methods should therefore be utilized. If you’re not already doing so, I encourage you to explore these methods.


Malaika T. Edwards, PhD provides HR advisory services to business owners and individual clients. She is also an academic in the Higher Education landscape. You can contact her on LinkedIn at, Instagram @drmalaika.edwards or by email at




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