Monday 28 September, 2020

The growth and importance of content creation

Joel Nomdarkha, digital marketer.

Joel Nomdarkha, digital marketer.

If you can close your eyes and picture your favourite TV ad from a decade ago, then you're familiar with the world of content creation.

Though it has risen in popularity in recent times, content creation has long been the backbone of the marketing industry. It plays an important role in building your brand, influences consumer choice, establishes brand recognition, educates and creates awareness around your product and builds trusted relationships. 

“Companies are taking their marketing, content creation and profits very seriously because they realise people are getting smarter. So there’s definitely a growth in the content creation industry,” said Joel Nomdarkham, a digital marketer and journalist.

The digital marketer, whose moniker is “The Corporate Eccentric” also believes there is a digital rise in the corporate scene that leads companies to pump more into their digital advertising and execution budgets. All while maintaining a presence in more traditional spaces such as billboards or television, radio and print advertisements.

The gradual move into the digital space is timely. With the social distancing norms and “stay at home” orders that are now part of our realities; “social/digital” interaction has substantially grown.

Brands now recognise the change in consumer behaviour and have chosen to ‘get social’ in communicating with consumers, which allows for the continued repositioning of their operations.

Recognising that the right cut-through messages, inventive artwork and visually appealing videos captivate and resonate with their target, brands are leveraging the power of content creators.

The creative industry in Jamaica has seen an impressive surge with more and more brands introducing new concepts for creators’ inclusivity in campaign developments and executions. 

“Red Stripe has been one of the forerunners in driving this collaborative framework with the launch of the Flavours Creators Challenge. In addition to providing a platform for creatives to develop a Flavours ad that showcases their immense talent and virtuosity, it also gives Red Stripe an opportunity to directly tap into the consumer psyche, how they view the product and what will truly resonate with them. It is undoubtedly, a win-win,” said Nomdarkham.

Relationship building and job creation with and for local creatives are one of the pillars that should drive brands’ engagement with the creative industry.

“I would love to see more brands pushing the boundaries and understanding that not everything boils down to profit but more so standing in solidarity with socio-economic reform or celebrating what makes us truly unique as Jamaicans,” said Nomdarkham.

The importance of the creative industry in corporate Jamaica’s marketing activities is undeniable and the expectation is that as the industry continues to grow, more corporate entities will search deeper for creative ways to show off their brand personality in ways that remain culturally relevant and impactful.

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