Monday 30 November, 2020

Flooded: 911, what’s your emergency?

​​​​​​​911: What’s your emergency? (AP photo)

​​​​​​​911: What’s your emergency? (AP photo)

911: What’s your emergency?

Mr FloodOut: Well, water come eena mi room...mi sweep out some wid eh broom!

911: How do you suspect this happened, sir?

Mr FloodOut: Lady, somebody leff on di pipe whole night last night, and now the house flood right out!

...All di verandah a wash weh!

Well, that ‘someobody’ was me, I am Mr FloodOut.

And, the water didn’t just come in my room, it made its own passageway throughout the kitchen, dining, living and lower verandah.

And, this is not the first time either. In fact this has happened several times at different locations, on separate occasions, in several different ways, and as a result of varying forms of neglect.

Yet, it’s often in an attempt to collect water or fill up the washer tub.Every broom, mop, mop bucket, and hands get busy to sweep away all traces of water.

Have you ever experienced flooding of any kind? Share your experience.

Too many times to count
Nope, never experienced it

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