Saturday 31 October, 2020

Dancehall deejay Alozade suffers a stroke

Alozade in happier times.

Alozade in happier times.

Dancehall artiste Alozade is reportedly making a steady recovery after suffering a haemorrhagic stroke earlier this week.

"I am going to be doing some physiotherapy. The doctors say I have made a remarkable recovery because my speech has come back, so ah just time my body needs to go through a natural healing process," Alozade told Loop News.

He said the stroke happened early one morning about four days ago at his home in St Andrew.

"I got up to use the bathroom and my foot start to slide all over the place like I stepped on black ice. So mi say 'Wah gwaan ya so?'

“Mi have slurred speech and mi immediately say 'Young bwoy like mi? This couldn't real'.

“Anyways, mi balance and manoeuvre until mi finally get back to bed safely," he said.

When he got up the following morning, his sister immediately discerned that something was wrong.

"I had on my mask, but she said my right eye look droopy and when I took off my mask, she said my face kinda twisted.

“So I got assistance to go to a doctor and he recommended UHWI (University Hospital of the West Indies).

“It took about six to eight hours before anyone could see me because they are overwhelmed by the coronavirus, and I did a CT scan and they found bleeding on the brain," Alozade outlined.

The doctors were said to have diagnosed a 'haemorrhagic stroke'.

However, four days later, Alozade, who turns 44 this year, is said to be on the road to a full recovery, and his slurred speech is less pronounced now.

"The doctors say I am making a remarkable recover so thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind wishes," he said.

Born Michael Sterling, Alozade has been promoting a new song called 'Hoola' that is reported to be making waves in the German market.

Alozade has performed at the biggest Jamaican reggae festivals, Sumfest and Sting, as well as at the German Splash! festival in 2001.

He had his first success in 1999 with ‘Street Dreams’, which was released on Byron Murray's In The Streets label. Alozade had a major Jamaican hit in 2000, with ‘Bad Man Nuh Pet Gal’.

He began working as a producer for his own South Block label, having hit singles in 2004 with Capleton (‘Inna Her Heart’) and Elephant Man (‘Keeping it Jiggy’).

In 2004, Alozade toured Europe, performing in countries such as Italy, France, Hungary, Belgium, Norway and Switzerland.

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