Friday 7 August, 2020

Cops under probe after seized goods 'gone missing'

Two policemen from a division in Kingston are under investigation after they allegedly seized a bus from a Chinese national with boxes of items but later could not account for some of the goods after the seized vehicle was taken to a police station to be processed.

Reports are that the now complainant was travelling in a Toyota Hiace bus along Marcus Garvey Drive when he was stop by policemen travelling in a marked vehicle.

The now complainant reported that a white station wagon motorcar was parked in the vicinity of where the bus was stopped.

It is alleged that one of the policemen accused the businessman of having bleaching cream, a prohibited item, in the van.

I has been further alleged that two policemen on the scene demanded money from the now complainant, but the demand was rejected.

Reports are that the now complainant was escorted to a police station, and the keys to his vehicle were taken from him.

Reports are that the now complainant and his co-worker were left in the guardroom at the station.

Hours later, several items that were reportedly in the van, could not be accounted for.

The Police High Command has since launched a probe into the matter.

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