Saturday 19 September, 2020

Cheers to 58 Years! Red Stripe celebrates with a gift to consumers

The 'Great Jamaican Beer' is celebrating the country's independence with an activation that will bring ice cold Red Stripe to the lips of consumers in 100 bars and locations across the island on August 6.

Dubbed ‘Cheers to 58 Years’, Red Stripe’s Independence Day pledge is to provide a first drink to every consumer courtesy of the iconic brand.

“Everyone knows that Red Stripe is synonymous with Jamaica, and so it is only fitting that the world’s coolest beer celebrates with our consumers in a way we know they will appreciate,” said Jodi Hylton, Red Stripe brand manager. “Jamaicans are arguably the proudest people on the planet. And yes, our current realities may be different, but our passion for our island and our culture is the same.”

Noting that Red Stripe was designated the national beer of the celebration on Independence Day in 1962, Hylton said the brand felt compelled to give something back to consumers who have supported the beer company for almost a century.

“Jamaicans have made Red Stripe great. We have been a constant feature in the fabric of Jamaican society since 1928. That’s a whole lot of history and generations of memories and experiences. As we celebrate 58 years of independence we want to give consumers an opportunity to create new memories,” explained Hylton.

Stressing the importance of drinking and socialising responsibly, the Red Stripe brand manager said the celebration would continue into Friday, when the Jamaican icon will join other beer brands around the world for a celebration of International Beer Day, being observed this year on August 7.

The brand will activate its ‘First Drink on Us’ offer on both days at 100 locations where consumers can choose from Red Stripe variants, including the iconic stubby and flavours such as Sorrel, Lemon Paradise and Melon, the newest addition to the family.

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