Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Business travellers to Jamaica as of June 15 will be tested for COVID

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Business travellers to Jamaica as of June 15, when non-nationals will be allowed to enter the country, will be tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19) on arrival at ports of entry.

These are persons who are spending 14 days or less on the island. They will be asked to go to the hotel or home at which they are staying where they will be quarantined for 24 hours pending the result of their COVID-19 test.

This was announced on Tuesday by Prime Minister Andrew Holness as he addressed the House of Representatives on the government’s ongoing management of the COVID-19 crisis.

The prime minister noted that while it would be unreasonable to ask a person entering the country for business to quarantine for 14 days, such travellers must be cognizant of the fact that if they test positive for the virus they will be subjected to Jamaica’s established protocols.

This would mean that they would be isolated at their expense and they would be unable to leave the country.

Holness said persons travelling at this time must be aware that there is some risk involved.

Meanwhile, all non-nationals, including tourists entering the country as of June 15 will be screened and depending on what shows up, could be tested for the coronavirus.

If testing is recommended then they will be required to quarantine at their destination until the results are available. Those who test positive for the coronavirus will either be isolated at the hotel they are staying or at a government facility depending on the severity of their symptoms.

“Even for tourists coming they have to manage their own risks,” Holness stated.

Meanwhile, following questions in the media about whether non-nationals entering the country as of June 15 would not be tested for COVID-19 Holness emphasised that everybody will be screened.

Depending on the result of the screening, you may be tested and asked to quarantine.

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