Thursday 1 October, 2020

'Bitter KD': JLP youth arm slams PNP veteran over leaked voice note

KD Knight

KD Knight

Young Jamaica (YJ), the youth arm of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), has slammed as "wild", "baseless" and "desperate" allegations of corruption and vote-buying made against the JLP in a leaked voice note purportedly of People’s National Party (PNP) stalwart and former Senator KD Knight.

“Bitter, bitter Mr Knight. I agree with Mr Matthew Samuda, in saying that Mr Knight should have known better than to ever have created such an untruthful voice note that undoubtedly highlights him and his party in an unfavourable light, rooted in reckless tactics,” said Howard Chamberlain, the president of Young Jamaica, in a press release.

Young Jamaica said it wishes to reiterate the fact that times have changed and "the PNP needs to begin to appreciate that their money will no longer win a seat or the people’s heart".

Chamberlain... Bitter, bitter Mr Knight.

"As we saw evidently in Westmoreland, Manchester Central and Kingston Central constituencies and moreover islandwide — the people want hard-working representatives," the release stated.

In the voice note purportedly of Knight after the PNP suffered a landslide defeat to the JLP at last Thursday's polls, it is alleged that the JLP stole $14 billion from government coffers and used the money for the party's election campaign.

"Much of the money that the Labourites spent in this election was money that they stole from the people themselves. They stole that money and stored part of it to use in buying votes," according to the voice note which is being circulated on social media.

"This is a return to slavery, that's what it is, but this time it's not the white man buying the black man, it's the black man putting up himself for sale to anybody, whether black or white. My brother, we are going to regret this," the voice note said.

In refuting the allegations made in the voice note, Young Jamaica said it finds the accusations to be the highest levels of blatant disregard for a fair and democratic electoral process. It said the claims offend the sensibility of the Jamaican people and is "yet another ineffectual attempt to discredit the political severity of the loss dealt to the PNP following last Thursday’s election". 

The JLP youth arm also said the PNP "needs to let go of their deep sense of entitlement and the false notion that Jamaica is a ‘PNP Country’ and begin accepting their failures as their own while working on restructuring and organising their leaderless party and gutted vision for the nation".

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