Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Appleton Estate 8-year-old Reserve: A new toast to Jamaican excellence

Isn't she beautiful? Appleton Estate reveals new 8-Year-Old Reserve Blend, concocted by Master Blender Joy Spence. (Photos: Contributed)

Isn't she beautiful? Appleton Estate reveals new 8-Year-Old Reserve Blend, concocted by Master Blender Joy Spence. (Photos: Contributed)

Appleton Estate, one of the oldest sugarcane estates and distilleries in the Caribbean, turned heads yet again.

How? You ask? By introducing new bottles and labels for their beloved range of premium aged golden rums.

Equally interesting is the brand’s introduction of the new Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve, set to re-invigorate the hearts and palates of rum enthusiasts, the world over.

The 8-Year-Old Reserve shares similar characteristics with the now discontinued and well-known ‘Reserve Blend’ rum. However, the 8-Year-Old Reserve has a few surprises for even the most acute palates.

“To put it simply, the 8-Year-Old Reserve is more premium than the previous Reserve Blend that many have come to love,” declared Appleton Estate Master Blender Joy Spence.

The real treat is in the details, she added, confirming that “…many people may know we age our rums in oak barrels.”

“This is where the final transformation takes place [when] producing rums with a golden colour and complex aromas.”

“The 8-Year-Old Reserve boasts a smoother, more complex and sophisticated taste than the former reserve blend, which is heavily due to more time spent in these oak barrels.”

Time is of the essence, they say, and the proof is in the rich, full-bodied, and leggy Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve.

It is characterized by a brilliant honeyed bronze colour with a subtle green ring of ageing.

Spence explains that the 8-Year-Old Reserve now carries a “minimum age statement”, which means, every drop of the concoction has been aged for a minimum of 8 years.

The new formula has fewer rum marques – the individual pot and column still rums created during the distillation process – (think different recipes combined to create the whole).

These particular cuts are developed by, and unique to, a rum producer, each with its own flavour and aroma profile.

The 8-Year-Old Reserve offers more intensity in individual marques offering rum lovers more intense flavours of molasses, warm oak, vanilla, holiday spice, and of course, Appleton Estate’s signature orange peel note borne of distillation in copper stills.

Those eager to spot the differences between the discontinued Reserve Blend and the new Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve will also notice an increase in Alcohol by Volume (ABV) to 43%.

This creates a more stabilized blend as a result of more oak extracts and the richer, fuller flavours described.

The finish is exceptionally smooth and balanced with whispers of molasses and warm oak making this new Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve perfect for sipping.

Alternatively, it is a catalyst for transforming ordinary drinks into extraordinary cocktails, such as Joy's Cocktail or the world-famous Mai Tai.

When asked of her inspiration behind concocting a new and precious treasure in the heart of Nassau Valley, St Elizabeth, Spence responded simply, “Appleton Estate has strived to be the embodiment of Jamaican excellence for over 271 years, by sharing a precious part of Jamaica with the diaspora and rum enthusiasts across the globe.”

“This new rum is merely our way of perpetuating that tradition of excellence,” she added.

Rum connoisseurs will discern for themselves richer and fuller flavours perfected in the new Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve and a newer, more exciting way to toast to Jamaican Excellence by indulging in another one of the most exquisitely crafted golden rums in the world.

Kudos to the innovative Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums team and Master Blender Joy Spence on another spectacular elixir.

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