Sunday 5 April, 2020

AntiViral: The antidote to Jamaica’s self-quarantine woes

Tune in via Instagram/Twitter on Friday, 9 pm - 12 am.

Tune in via Instagram/Twitter on Friday, 9 pm - 12 am.

Jamaicans are innovative, to say the least.

Whenever the world is in chaos, such as the current global coronavirus health scare, we tap into our “no problem mon” cultural perspective and come up with novel and positive alternatives to have a good time.

We don’t dwell on heartache for long and instead, we make light of gloom to uplift ourselves, bring joy to others as a reminder that this too shall pass.

There could be a deeper study of this theory, but I digress.

Case in point: Anti-Viral: a live-streamed three-hour-long Twitter fiesta orchestrated by the @SocaTherapyJa team. Genius!

#thepartymustgoon is the clarion call for the inaugural online event. And, it was a major success that racked up over 5k users across Instagram and Twitter, collectively.

Over 5,000 viewers tuned to another such event, dubbed #BigParOnline that took place on Wednesday.

The digital dingolay of sorts set the tone for the next up-coming act: Friday's Anti-Viral.

Damone Davis, director of Soca Therapy Jamaica with focus on logistics and event layout, believes Friday's Anti-Viral is shaping up to be just as good.

“This is the first [Anti-Viral] we are doing. We were to host our event on April 4, and due to the state of the country we decided to do an online party to entertain our followers.”

“The reaction thus far has been good, lots of our followers have been reposting the image.”

Additionally, this gives new meaning to social distancing while creating avenues for the way we party in Jamaica.

Soca Therapy's Anti-Viral is a response to the cancellation of the brand's Pier Soca event, that was slated for April 4 and cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and imposed self-quarantine restrictions from the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

What started out as "Twitter Party" was changed to "Anti-Viral" on instruction from the Soca Therapy Jamaica's legal team.

If you missed Wednesday's #BigOnlinePar, you’re in luck, order up some cocktails from Barcode Jamaica and party with the @SocaTherapyJa team on Instagram/Twitter on Friday 9 pm - 12 am.

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