Sunday 27 September, 2020

11 things to do at home on Labour Day

Labour Day activities have been reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing residents to labour at home, but do so creatively.

Labour Day activities have been reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing residents to labour at home, but do so creatively.

In T-4 days, we should all be enjoying our homes and immediate family on Labour Day.

What will the first Labour Day with COVID-19 be like, you ask?

Your 2020 Labour Day (LD) activities are no different than the year before sans COVID-19.

So, instead of heading out, all your axles should be fixed on sprucing up and improving the overall appearance of your home and indoor spaces.

Perhaps, LD means doing a bit of feng shui in your ‘home office’.

Maybe it means adding gardening and basic farming as new hobbies.

Even if Labour Day means sipping on Bellini’s while the workmen get the job done – albeit while socially distant – then do you... we’re not judging!

Your trusty aides at Loop Lifestyle did some digging to provide tips for at-home projects you can tackle that you may not labour in vain.

Disclaimer: for smooth sailing, arrangements for much of these activities should be planned ahead of time.

Here are some activities that you can do in the safety and comfort of your backyard…

  1. Prune shrubs and house/outdoor plants of dried leaves and check for insects
  2. Rake leaves into piles and dispose of them
  3. If there are fruit trees in your backyard, pick the ripe/turn ones. Use them to make jams/jellies; share with family/friends; use them for your smoothies or to cook; the list goes on.
  4. You could also use this opportunity to plant a tree or trees with the annual seedling disbursement. Fun Fact: The Forestry Department in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation is making its resources readily available to the public, so that persons can ‘Labour at Home’ in keeping with the theme for Labour Day this year. Distribution commences at 8.30 am each day, and will end at 1.30 pm.You are being encouraged to pre-order by sending a list of your required seedlings to
  5. Prep for the hurricane season by trimming large trees, disposing of debris and large inanimate objects.
  6. Poke holes in barrels and ‘water hoarders’, empty water collected, to stem the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue and the Zika virus that are still a threat to the community.
  7. Pick a tree and share a socially distant picnic with your family
  8. Have cocktails at a rooftop bar [plug Saturday Spirits]
  9. Make it a self-care labour day. Make a list of the things you want to do for self for the day. Shut out your boss (don’t quote us on this). Put the kids on time-out. Shut down from all forms of technology, and bask in your peace and sanity – despite the size of the space and fancy tokens – or lack of that you’ve decorated with.
  10. Throw a virtual potluck/clambake. Gather all your friends and meet-up to shoot the breeze over cocktails and scrumptious fare.
  11. Host an outdoor silent film night (or whatever trendy flick is on Netflix) by assembling the movie lover friends of your tribe, placing a few throw pillows on the lawn and ensuring food and snacks are an arms-length away because no-one wants to move after they’ve found that comfort spot.

Reminder: COVID-19 has changed the way we socialize, so virtual garden cocktail parties, backyard BBQ’s, dance parties, sporting competitions, and pool parties are all options as long as social distancing practices are observed.

On the topic of safety…

’Tis key that labourers observe both COVID-19 safety measures – wearing a mask, washing the hands often, especially after handling plants or repotting – but also that they wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and exercise caution when handling sharp objects.

Wearing masks and social distancing have become the norm, so enforce and encourage these practices as well.

A reminder of the curfew hours before and after Labour Day

For the Labour Day holiday period which begins on Sunday, May 24, the curfew will be tightened and will run from 3 pm Sunday, May 24 until 8 am on Labour Day.

On Labour Day, the curfew will commence at 3 pm and will run until 5 am on Tuesday, May 26.

Following the holiday period, the curfew will again be adjusted and will run daily from 9 pm on Tuesday, May 26 until 5 am on May 31.

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