Saturday 8 August, 2020

10 reasons to visit the Emancipation Park

File Photo of the Trafalgar Road entrance to the Emancipation Park in Kingston, which features Laura Facey's Redemption Song monument.

File Photo of the Trafalgar Road entrance to the Emancipation Park in Kingston, which features Laura Facey's Redemption Song monument.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie said recently that the Emancipation Park (E-Park) in St Andrew is open to the public.

Parks were among venues allowed to reopen for an initial period of two weeks, beginning June 15. However, the Emancipation Park remained closed.

‘I spoke with the managing director of the National Housing Trust (NHT), which operates Emancipation Park, and the… management wanted to ensure that the [safety] protocols were in place…He advised me that the park is now officially open to the public.’

The protocols for the reopening of theme parks, zoos, and river rafting include the establishment of handwashing stations, markers for social distancing, rails, proper signage, temperature checks and sanitation procedures.

Now, following the recent #rediscoverjamaica campaign by the Jamaica Tourist Board and its supporting arms, this is the kind of good news many park lovers were hoping for.

To that end, your Loop Lifestyle travel buddies jotted 10 reasons we'd visit the Emancipation Park today.

1 To reconnect with nature. We’ve been on lockdown for months now – some still haven’t left their homes for fear of the new Big C. Go on, disconnect from your devices and reconnect with nature.

2 Raise your hand if you missed jogging in the park? No? Well, many people do as jogging in the park has allowed for a slightly carefree routine that didn’t involve too much physical activity.

3 People-watch. We all do it!

4 5K’s and another major concert. The last major concert held at the E-Park was Kanye West’s Sunday Service, so perhaps a social distancing 5K run?

5 Go for a breath of fresh air. This is not to be taken lightly. Since masks have prevented many from breathing effectively;

6 Go for a socially distant picnic. Picnics are catching on, as expected, and are likely to become the new normal for grass fed family outings.

7 Catch up with friends. E-Park has always been a great place to meet up with friends to shoot the breeze or brainstorm their next big idea.

8 Sit and read a book. Be it on your paperless Kindle or paperback copy, sometimes the best place to read is quiet and green.

9 Go for inspiration. Look and listen as birds chirp overhead, the wind rustle leaves, water crashing to the base of the fountain or water treatments, or as stars appear in the clear night sky – so many sprouts of inspiration.

10 Go for a change of scene; take your pet for a walk, perhaps. Many have been in lockdown for so long, the thought of being outside may scare them, while others are eager to get back to their routines.

Now, you have ten reasons to reintegrate with E-Park. Choose one or choose them all, but, whatever you choose, ensure that it will uplift you.

After all, travel, near or far, is all about learning, gaining new experiences, and – with the new normal included – socially distant gatherings.

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