Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Watch: Singing Sandra slams Fuad for fat-shaming, calls for apology

Photo: Former health minister and Barataria/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan at a UNC rally (undated). Photo via unctt.org.

Photo: Former health minister and Barataria/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan at a UNC rally (undated). Photo via unctt.org.

Calypsonian 'Singing Sandra', Sandra Des Vignes Millington issued a passionate response via social media after former health minister Dr Fuad Khan's called Carnival masquerader Candice Santana a 'tub' and vilified her for being obese. 

In a Facebook live video, Des Vignes called on Dr Khan to apologise to Santana after she appeared on television talking about the importance of not shaming persons who struggle with weight issues. 

Santana, who played mas with the Lost Tribe, said she was told that fat women couldn't play mas and said that that's not true.


Des Vignes called on his constituents to hold him accountable to his actions and said she wants to meet him face to face to address his statements. 

"He has to apologise. You’re supposed to be an ex-government minister to represent people. Were you put there to represent skinny people? If you were put there to represent good-looking people then you can’t represent yourself because you ugly no a**…no fat people should vote for you.”

“As though you so slim and trim and nice. You resemble a possum.”

“He put fat people down…you can’t put me down. This fat lady is an achiever, this fat lady came a long way…my fat didn’t keep me back,” she said.

She also expressed support for Santana, telling her she is beautiful.

"I want to tell the young lady don't feel bad, you're beautiful sweetheart, you do you," she said. 

NGO ‘Women. Everywhere’ issued a statement condemning Dr Khan’s statement.

“In the face of arrogant, insensitive, hateful, callous, bold-faced and truly poor excuses for men such as Fuad Khan, WE respond with knowledge and a desire to educate.”

“WE must choose the path of respect, never give in to attacks of sad human beings, who only know how to destroy and hurt women.”

“WE as women must and will stand up for each other, raise our voices and say NO.”

“NO to shaming of women and girls.

“NO to shaming of any human being because we are different.

“NO to the verbal abuse.

“NO to violent comments about our bodies.

“NO to men, who feel they have a right to make us feel inadequate, ugly, unworthy.

“WE are enough. WE are the voices of sisterhood.

“WE do not need your approval or your validation!!!

“WE say thank you and acknowledge all the women who have already called out, and cut Fuad Khan down to size.”

Dr Khan said in a Facebook post that fat-shaming was not the issue and then went on to call her a tub.

“When you pull the victim syndrome about fat-shaming…it’s not so. Just shut up. That’s not victim shaming. You’re forcing the fatness on Trinidad and Tobago.

“If you want to do yourself that stupidness go ahead…walk around like a tub…we don’t want tubs like you,” he said.

In 2016, Dr Khan issued a similar statement via social media, picking on women and saying that women were 'getting too fat'. 

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