Saturday 26 September, 2020

VIDEO: US travel warning in place for most countries - Bartlett

Edmund Bartlett

Edmund Bartlett

Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett has downplayed the impact of the United States' level-three warning against travel to Jamaica due to the threat of COVID-19 in the island.

He said, in fact, most countries across the world now fall within the same US State Department level-three (reconsider travel) category due to the pandemic.

"It is not a situation where this is positioning Jamaica in a particularly negative light and that the impact will be deleterious to our tourism... We don't see this as an indication of a push back on Jamaica's travel and tourism," Bartlett told journalists Friday.

Bartlett also underscored that the level-three advisory is actually better than the previous level-four warning to Americans against travel to anywhere in the world due to COVID-19.

The Trump administration on Thursday rescinded its warnings to Americans against all international travel because of the coronavirus pandemic, saying conditions no longer warrant a blanket worldwide alert.

The State Department lifted its level-four health advisory for the entire world in order to return to country-specific warnings. That move came shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its COVID-19 travel advisory information. The CDC lifted “do not travel” warnings for about 20 locations but advised staying away from the vast majority of the world.

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