Monday 28 September, 2020

Transport minister Montague praises civic minded bus driver

Robert Montague

Robert Montague

It is not often that words of praise are heaped upon the drivers of Toyota Coaster buses which are used as public passenger vehicles. The drivers of these vehicles are most times vilified and lambasted for their bad driving habits and the dangerous and reckless manner in which they seek to earn a living.

But Transport and Works Minister, Robert ‘Bobby’ Montague, bucked that trend with a post on social media Tuesday morning.

Montague was full of praise for the driver of a Toyota Coaster bus who he said displayed a level of decency and civic duty that was deserving of full commendation. He posted via Facebook that it was only fitting for him to praise the driver in light of the fact that so many negative reports have been swirling around about public passenger bus crews.

“When last have you seen or experienced a commendable act by a bus or taxi driver? Every day we hear so many negative stories and see the indiscipline on our roads. Today there is one bus driver I would like to highlight and applaud for his good work.  A lot of times we chastise bus operators for their indiscipline on the roads, but this morning I would like to big up the driver of Coaster bus license plate PH 1484 that carried students this morning Albert Town Square to Falmouth,” Montague posted.

He added, ”A student threw paper from the bus onto the road and he came out of the bus, found out which student did it and told the student to come out of the bus and pick up the paper off the street, and the driver is a young man. All is not lost.” 

Montague has repeatedly called for members of the public to snap photographs and record videos of bus and taxi drivers who are driving carelessly and recklessly on the roads.

His call has resulted in a number of bus and taxi drivers being prosecuted and vehicles being impounded. Just last week, the driver of a Toyota Coaster Bus was charged and the bus he was driving seized, after video footage of the driver attempting to force his way into a line of peak hour traffic on Half Way Tree Road.

On Tuesday, Montague showed a softer side as he called on members of the public to also share commendable acts by bus and taxi drivers.

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