Sunday 9 August, 2020

No stopping Junction road improvement project – Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared that there will be no stopping the $600 million road improvement works that are on stream for the Junction road in South East St Mary.

Speaking at a Jamaica Labour Party meeting in Gibbs Hill in the parish on Saturday night, Holness said, “There is no power in this country that can stop that road from going on”.

He said the people of South East St Mary have been suffering with the poor state of the roadway for too long, and the Government will not wait to undertake the project because of the current by-election campaign.

“You can’t tell Government not to do their job because of an election; that is the reason why Governments exist, to do their jobs so they can win elections,” declared the prime minister.

He reiterated that the project was long in the pipeline, to the point where it is now a line item in the budget for the current financial year.

“This argument about not doing the road because of a by-election is pure hypocrisy. You call it bad mind, I don’t business with bad mind, because I only have a good mind for the people of St Mary,” Holness declared.

“We run a Government that is able to fix a road without that road being used as an election tool. We have systems in place to ensure that there is no leakage… that who gets the work – no matter whether they are JLP or PNP (People’s National Party),” Holness said in reference to the national safeguards to protect against misuse of the programme.

His overall statements were on the campaign trail ahead of the October 30 by-elections for the South East St Mary seat, one of three constituencies that are presently without parliamentary representatives. The others are South St Andrew and South West St Andrew.

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