Wednesday 25 November, 2020

JamXTravel showcased at UNWTO Global Tourism Conference

CEO of JamXTravel, Technology Entrepreneur Shaun Jones.

CEO of JamXTravel, Technology Entrepreneur Shaun Jones.

JamXTravel, a Jamaican based technology company was hailed at the recent Global Tourism Conference for its practical solutions to the challenges of job creation, social inclusion, and sustainability that were highlighted at the recent conference.

The company’s technology allows all citizens of Jamaica to register within its interface, promote the Jamaican Tourism product using social media, and get paid for bookings received. This represents a significant disruption of the traditional marketing channels in the industry in which the booking of travel to Jamaica was done primarily by Travel Agents in the United States. This revolutionary technology offered through JamXTravel will allow much of those earnings to be redistributed among the Affiliates within Jamaica.  

CEO of JamXTravel, Technology Entrepreneur Shaun Jones, says; “I believes there is no better person to sell Jamaica than Jamaicans”. He went further to add, “If we want tourism to be sustainable, then each citizens must have a vested financial interest in the product. Only then will he or she protect, preserve, and promote Tourism in Jamaica. JamXTravel was always focused on social inclusion and job creation, and to date our technology has seen the creation of over Seven Hundred and Ninety (790) jobs since its launch on Independence Day this year.”

“We now feel vindicated by the very theme of the conference as it is evidence that the vision that we executed on behalf of our people was the right thing to do. Jamaica is the only country having such a tourism promotion tool that can be used by every citizen in the country to promote its tourism product on social media, the most powerful marketing platform available.”, noted Jones.

Carolyn Hayle, Senior Program Officer at the University of The West Indies and panelist on the topic “From All-Inclusives To Social Inclusiveness:  Harnessing the Potential Of The Sharing Economy”, noted that JamXTravel was a practical application of the Sharing Economy that was necessary for tourism to remain sustainable. She noted that the sharing economy was outside the traditional controls of the industry and would therefore promote a greater level of social inclusion with a potential to unlock even greater benefits to its participants.

Hayle and her colleague, Ann Crick- Senior Lecturer at The University of The West Indies, will be publishing a book with the evidence of their research shortly.

With an added focus on economic empowerment through education, also allows members of the diaspora to support education in Jamaica by simply booking their travel using the interface, even if such travel is not for vacation to Jamaica. A portion of the commission gained from such bookings will be directed to a scholarship fund for the respective school.

In a final statement, CEO Jones noted that the interface was about supporting education in Jamaica, promoting small and medium sized boutique lodgings, promoting independent drivers and tour operators, and sharing financial gains from tourism with fellow citizens across the country.

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