Wednesday 8 July, 2020

JACRA moves to protect genuine Jamaican coffee

Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) is taking steps to reduce the distribution and sale of counterfeit coffee claiming to be authentic Jamaican premium brands.

According to a release, JACRA will be working in tandem with National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NCRA) and the Major Organised Crime Authority (MOCA).

Officials from JACRA, the organisation which was set up two years ago to regulate the processing and trade of Jamaica’s coffee, coconut, cocoa and spice, believes the island is losing millions of dollars in the illegal trade, mainly through the misrepresentation of coffee.

Also, JACRA is arguing that the substandard counterfeit products, compromise the reputation of the genuine Jamaican coffee, which are the Jamaica Blue Mountain and the Jamaica High Mountain coffee.

According to JACRA, it will have to act, because of the potential damage to the regulated agricultural commodities sector, the anti-competitive effect of the illicit trade and its negative impact on the welfare of farmers and investors.

The release said, “we will apply the full letter of the law, including the seizure of the contraband and the application of the other enforcement measures.

“Over the years, JACRA has tried to use moral suasion and strident appeals to offending parties to adhere to good corporate governance and to cease and desist from this injurious practice, but to no avail.

“These enterprises know themselves and are familiar with the methods, including trademarks and labelling standards that can be used to assure the authenticity of the products and help to determine that only genuine products are marketed,” the release said.

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