Sunday 29 November, 2020

iCreate training in creative, digital CAPE courses; teams with Trend

iCreate's Shanan Smart and Trend Media's Andrew Brown

iCreate's Shanan Smart and Trend Media's Andrew Brown

iCreate Institute on Wednesday announced training in creative and digital CAPE courses.

CAPE at iCreate will offer first world training to students at the CAPE level using a state of the art online learning portal powered by one-on-one Educational Services, the institute said, adding that its facility will also be made available to the budding creatives for use of equipment and software.

“With what is happening around the world in terms of the pandemic, we realize that there will be resource challenges in schools to operate at full capacity. I believe our best time to enter this market is now, providing support by giving schools the space to focus on their core strengths. The entire Caribbean is in need of this offering and iCreate is well positioned to disrupt how digital and creative courses are delivered in the Caribbean,” Shanan Smart, Business Development Manager at iCreate said in a press release.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating demand for millions of new jobs, with vast new opportunities for fulfilling people’s potential and aspirations, the institute noted before listing some of the top skills across clusters such as engineering and computing, people and culture, green economy and product development, namely:

- Digital Marketing;

- Software Testing;

- Digital Literacy;

- Web Development;

- Video; and

- Graphic Design

In the meantime, Trend Media and iCreate have expanded their partnership to merge their knowledge and capabilities in the respective fields to jointly market and promote the new courses.

“We pride ourselves in promoting credible digital opportunities for the next cohort of great creatives. It is something we have always been passionate about, and we are well positioned to support that direction here in the Caribbean with our advertising platforms available across the Caribbean. Children are the future, and the future is digital," Andrew Brown, Senior Marketing Manager at Trend Media, said in the release.

In addition to offering CAPE courses, iCreate will introduce a creative and digital club for high school students.

Smart added: “Digital and creative skills and interest starts at an early age. We want to provide a platform to promote innovation and creativity and we believe our Virtual Creative Clubs will be the perfect tool.

"This virtual club aims at connecting creative students across the country and eventually across the region. The iCreate club will encourage students to participate in activities geared towards unearthing their creativity and educate them on opportunities within the creative and digital economy," she said. 

CAPE at iCreate will begin October 2020; applications now open. To request more information on the course, please visit

CAPE courses offered by iCreate include Design & Technology; Arts & Design; Digital Media; Animation & Gaming and Communication Studies.

iCreate is a Creative Institute developed with the aim of filling the gap in digital skills training and development of creatives. As an important part of the creative eco-system, we provide students with a wide range of career opportunities in the Digital Creative Economy.

Trend Media is the Caribbean’s leading digital media and strategy house, providing expertise for advertisers to impact their audiences across digital marketing platforms such as  mobile advertising, online advertising, Loop News and more!

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