Monday 10 August, 2020

Gun, shooting charges fizzle against men in court due to weak evidence

Weaknesses in the prosecution's case against two men who were charged for allegedly firing shots at the police three years ago, resulted in the cases against them being dismissed earlier this month.

Freed were Odane Brown of Central Village and Roje Daley of Portmore, both in St Catherine.

Both men were charged with illegal possession of firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and shooting with intent.

In response to the cases against their clients, the men's attorneys argued, among other points before the Gun Court in Kingston, that no spent shell was found from any firearms that were allegedly fired by the accused men at the scene of the reported incident. 

The only spent shells that were collected, according to the defence attorneys, were from firearms that were assigned to the police officers who were involved in the reported incident.

Following the submissions from the defence attorneys, the prosecution offered no further evidence against the accused men, and they were freed by the presiding judge.

It was alleged that in February 2017, four men were travelling in a motorcar which was driven into the Twickenham Park Housing Scheme. The police, who were on patrol in the area, reportedly ordered the driver of the vehicle to stop, but in response, the car sped off.

A chase reportedly ensued, during which shots were allegedly fired from the car, and the law enforcers returned the fire.

The car in which the alleged gunmen were travelling, subsequently crashed along a roadway.

Daley was reportedly arrested at the scene, while the other men fled the area.

However, Brown was held sometime later in his Central Village community.

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