Monday 30 March, 2020

Early Moments Matter parenting tips part 4: Baby games

FACT: Fifteen minutes of play can spark thousands of brain connections in your baby’s brain. Over 80 per cent or your child’s brain is formed by age three.

We all want what's best for our children, but being a parent isn't always easy. That’s why the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has partnered with Loop News to help you with tips, interesting insights and fun facts.

Here are a few simple suggestions to boost your playtime with babies from birth:                                                                                       

  • Play “Peek a Boo” and “Hide and Seek” with your infant and see if he or she can find the objects you hide. You can hide something under a cloth and say: “Where did it go?”, “Can you find it?”.
  • Play “What do I see?” – cut out simple pictures of familiar things, people and animals. Try to find pictures showing lots of different colors, textures, scenes and faces. Talk about the pictures with your baby describing what you see. This helps to build awareness and vocabulary skills.
  • Show your child how to say things with hands, like “Bye bye”. Eventually your child should try to imitate and make a relationship between a movement and a vocal expression.
  • Say your baby’s name as much as possible. She will look to see who is saying it and will try to reach out to the person.
  • Keep it down – never speak or sing too loudly, as this may scare babies.
  • Smile a while – smile as much as possible; it makes your baby feel safe, happy and secure.
  • Funny face – make some funny facial expressions as you change your baby’s diaper or just in general. Encourage her to make funny faces back and laugh together

To learn more about how play helps give your baby the best start in life, watch this video:

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