Sunday 29 November, 2020

Digicel presents webinar showcasing innovative education solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all spheres of life in an unprecedented way.

While that disruption has caused many hardships, it has also spurred a wave of innovation as we grapple with new challenges.

In education, we have seen schools close worldwide with e-learning becoming an essential means for studies to continue.

And in this light, Digicel will be presenting a digital education webinar, Learning Without Boundaries, featuring a stellar line up of regional and international education experts on Wednesday, May 27 at 4 pm EST, streaming live on Digicel’s Facebook pages.

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The 90-minute webinar will be of much interest to parents, students and teachers alike as many of those re-imagining education and capitalising on digital education opportunities for remote and in-class learning will be showcased. 

Jack Bourke, Global Creative Officer at Digicel said: “COVID has encouraged creativity and new collaborations. The webinar is a tour de force for Digicel, Government and its various strategic partners. This will be the first of many exciting projects in 2020.”

Participants will hear from Edmodo, BookFusion, Discovery Education, SafeToNet, Educatek, EtonX, Matific, the Learning Hub - to name but a few - all of whom have come on board with Digicel to offer free trials to teachers and students through the Digicel network.

Independent Senator Dr Adrian Augier, an external producer of the webinar, told Loop News that the presentation will give an idea of how you and your child or teachers will be able to navigate the coming months or years.

Augier said: "This is important to people who are more aware and need to increase their comfort level with learning online, kids and gadgets and the teacher/student relationship… the new role of the school. People who are a little bit more forward thinking as opposed to just reacting to the current situation.”

One of the forward-thinking companies involved is BookFusion, an open and global e-book platform that redefines the reading experience and allows educational institutions to create their own private/public libraries.

Dwayne Campbell, BookFusion founder and CEO told Loop News why the platform is essential now that COVID-19 has forced the world to embrace digital solutions.

“Digital transformation in education has been jolted into a new, open and limitless reality. BookFusion gives students easy access to textbooks, study, guides and other educational content in a quick and seamless way - without the need for any physical contact. With offline functionality, BookFusion reduces the need for students to have constant internet access to be able to consume educational content. Conversely, institutions can push content, be it study guides, interactive content or lesson plans to students & teachers, quickly and securely with the click of a button.”

Another company on the cutting edge is Discovery Education International which uses the 4 Cs - communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking - to equip students with 21st century skills.

Robin Headlee, Managing Director, explained: “As part of this partnership with Digicel, we are offering three fantastic resources that are centered around the 4 Cs:  DE.X, STEM Connect and Coding. We are also offering three webinars that will help teachers and parents utilize these resources to help develop the 4 C skills in their children.

"For example, STEM Connect was inspired by the UN Sustainable Growth Goals and the NAE Grand Engineering Challenges. STEM Connect is all about preparing students with what is next. It blends dynamic digital content with hands-on activities to accelerate student comprehension and application - so students start asking questions instead of simply memorizing answers. The great thing about STEM Connect is that is also really fun!  There is a common misconception that learning and having fun are mutually exclusive. We believe you can have fun when learning and STEM Connect is a great example of that."

If you are a teacher or have a child in school, you CANNOT afford to miss the webinar.

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