Sunday 7 June, 2020

Cousin and cousin reportedly boil deadly soup: 2 fatalities out west

A man who reportedly stood and watched his cousin strangle the mother of his (the cousin’s) child and later helped that same relative to dispose of the woman’s body, has reportedly taken his own life, the Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU) has confirmed.

The deceased woman has been identified as 36-year-old Suzette Reid of Whithorn in Westmoreland.

The man who is believed to have later taken his own life is 44-year-old Basil Fisher, also called ‘Pancho’, of Roehampton in St James.

He is believed to have ingested poison.

Reports are that Fisher ingested the substance after he heard that the relative who reportedly committed the murder confessed to the police and gave details about his (Fisher’s) alleged involvement.

Fisher died in the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Thursday after reportedly consuming the substance on Monday.

Reports are that Fisher’s cousin, 40-year-old Jeconiah Dixon, also of Roehampton district, cracked under pressure after being interrogated by the police, and confessed that he had murdered his child’s mother,

The police reported that Reid was at home with Dixon when an argument developed.

Further reports are that Dixon attacked and strangled Reid.

Allegations are that shortly after the incident, Dixon asked Fisher to assist him to dispose of Reid’s body.

The police reported that Dixon confessed to having borrowed a friend’s car and allegedly asking Fisher to assist him in disposing of the body.

Reports are also that Dixon told investigators about the alleged involvement of Fisher in the incident.

Upon learning that his cousin ‘had confessed’, Fisher reportedly panicked and drank the poisonous substance,

Dixon is expected to be charged soon.

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