Thursday 9 July, 2020

Clarke heaps praise on civil service

Dr Nigel Clarke

Dr Nigel Clarke

Finance and the Public Service Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke, is heaping glowing tributes on Jamaica’s civil servants for what he said is extraordinary work that they have been doing.

Speaking at the launch of Civil Service Week at his office at National Heroes Circle on Wednesday, Clarke said the island’s civil service is the envy of the region.

“Jamaica couldn’t function without the civil service that we have here today and, indeed, the records show that of civil services in our region, Jamaica’s stands head and shoulder above.

“It is, therefore, fitting for us to take this time to recognise the tens of thousands of members of the civil service, and by so doing, promote this career choice to others looking on, and also provide fulfilment and job satisfaction to those who are involved in the civil service,” Clarke said.

His praise is against the background of many Jamaicans taking issues with the various Government departments and agencies that they have to interface with on a regular basis.

At these bodies, the general public is known to have to wait for long periods at times, to get the required services.

Jamaicans have also complained about the standards of the services that are being offered at some of the entities and agencies.

Despite the praise being heaped on the civil service, Clarke pointed out that the ministry is trying to improve the quality of service that is generally being given to the public, with modern technology being that is being implemented in the service as the main driving force.

Clarke said part of the process is to have an effective, efficient, productive and highly motivated public workforce, which is the thrust behind the investment by the Government in the civil service, in search of better functionality and effectiveness over time.

“The Government has embarked upon a number of transformative initiatives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the civil service as a whole, making use of technology in the delivering of services, and ensuring that we are able to allocate in areas where there are more demand, and in areas where there are fewer demands, we make a rotation in that regard.

“That transformation process will need a motivated civil service to implement, and it is important for the civil service to see the benefit not only to Jamaica, but to themselves.

“We want it to be a place where everybody wants to join. We want to position the civil service that the competition to get in is higher and higher each year,” Clarke said.

According to him, the aim is to have persons who have options still seeing the civil service as a top choice after graduating from university.

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