Saturday 26 September, 2020

Churches in breach of COVID protocols don't represent majority - Rev

Reverend Courtney Stewart

Reverend Courtney Stewart

General Secretary of the Bible Society of the West Indies, the Reverend Courtney Stewart has expressed disappointment over the alleged negligence of two churches that are being blamed for coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks in two sections of the island.

Stewart, however, said, if the allegations are true, those churches are not representative of the majority of the religious community which, according to him, has been a model for COVID-19 protocol adherence.

"It is a sad indictment on these two churches ... however it is critical to borne in mind that these two churches are not typical of the great majority of churches in this country," Stewart told Loop News.

"At the very outset of the pandemic in Jamaica, no churches were asked to close... they did so voluntarily, willingly out of care and concern for their members and visitors," Stewart said, noting that "These two churches are not the typical and I suspect that those responsible will be held accountable by the powers that be." 

Watch Stewart's remarks in full in the video below which was edited by Shawn Barnes.

Two churches feature prominently in the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Church Corner, St Thomas and Sandy Bay in Clarendon, leading the government to ban church conferences and conventions.

Last week, some 30 new coronavirus cases were linked to a church convention in Clarendon, leading to Sandy Bay being placed under quarantine. The community of Church Corner in St Thomas was also placed on lockdown in relation after the discovery of 28 new cases, linked primarily to activities in a church.

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