Friday 21 February, 2020

Bloody end to higgler clash in downtown Kingston

A recent dispute between higglers on Chancery Lane in downtown Kingston ended with a woman requiring six stitches to close a wound to her head.

This after another female vendor clouted her with a piece of board.

The matter came up in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday before Parish Judge, Chester Crooks, who recommended that the parties involved seek mediation through restorative justice system.

Nadine Campbell and her spouse, Daniel Williams, are accused of wounding a fellow vendor during the fight.

The court was told that the parties were involved in a heated argument, during which Campbell picked up a piece of board and approached the now complainant.

Both women argued for a while before Campbell reportedly used the board to clout the complainant about the head.

Blood spewed thereafter.

A report was made to the Kingston Central police and Campbell and Williams were both arrested and charged.

The police produced a video recording of the event in court, which was reviewed by Judge Crooks and a legal aid attorney.

The defence argued that both women were armed with boards, and that the accused was defending herself, but Judge Crooks had a different view of the matter.

He said Campbell had left her stall to confront the complainant, and seemed to be the aggressor in the melee.

“At the very least the complainant was trying to ward her off. At first glance, I saw the complainant at her stall, the defendant is behind her, and words are being exchanged,” Judge Crooks said.

The involved parties agreed to accept mediation, and are to return to court on October 18.

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