Thursday 28 May, 2020

Avoid COVID-19 with these local grocery delivery services

Ordering in veggies is the new world order.

Ordering in veggies is the new world order.

Picture it: Downtown Kingston on a Saturday morning watching as helping hands dole out crates of fresh produce and veggies.

Or to see vendors prep their stalls in earnest of catching the weekend shoppers to essentially ‘bruck ducks’.

Saturday market days have taken on a new stress thanks to the coronavirus, as we are advised to avoid crowds and ideally stay home.

On a brighter golden yellow note, several local delivery services have either ramped up production or hit the streets running to ensure their customers are satisfied in short order.

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic – that has many of us bound to our four walls of comfort – has revitalised the courier economy.

Why not order in? You don’t want to go out and risk infecting yourself or your family; you don’t want to leave the house anyway, thanks to the ’itis; and you can have all the things you want delivered to your doorstep. Sign me up, I say!

Now, check your stock, then make a shopping list. If you don’t need a list, that’s even better.

Call to place your order and the job is done. See our list of farm-fresh veggie delivery services in Jamaica:


Ace Errand Services

Tel: (876) 899-8421/(876) 543-8771


Farmgate e-Market

9 Brotherton Avenue, Kingston 13

Tel: (876) 788-1408



Errand Boy

29 East Kings House Drive

Tel: (876) 312-4633


Boxed Fresh JA Home Delivery

Tel: (876) 536-5857



Shopper's Delite

9 Chancery Street

Tel: (876) 925-4888



24 Temple Lane

Tel: (876) 790-8155/(876) 492-7374



HiLo Supermarket

Old Hope Road

Tel: (876) 926-7171


Sampars Cash and Carry

14 Retirement Road

Tel: (876) 960-1309


Grierfield Farms

Moneague, St Ann (delivering to Trelawny, St James, St Ann, Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine)

Order online here or call (876) 414-8162


Food Basket Farm

Accepts Orders Mondays at 9 am – Tuesdays at Midnight – to be delivered on Thursdays



Store To Door Jamaica -

Grocery store

20 North Parade

Open 24 hours | Tel: (876) 852-9722


Sovereign Supermarket


Shop #1, Sovereign Centre, 6, 106 Hope Road

Tel: (876) 927-5955


Ujima Natural Farmers Market (NB: they have Combucha!)

Weekly Saturday Farmer’s market that also offers delivery

Open Saturdays 9 am – 3 pm

22 Barbican Road

Tel: (876) 421-8838



Abbey Gardens Farm

Kingsland, Abbey Gardens, Mandeville

Tel: (876) 330-7400



Fresh Farm JA

Tel: (876) 396-3516



Select Grocers Supermarket

Grocery Store

Manor Park Drive

Tel: (876) 480-4812



Instagram: @guhdehjm

Tel: (876) 537-8250


Doorway Express Limited

Ward Avenue, Mandeville

Tel: (876) 625-8491


Soil Green Grocery

42 Winward Road

Tel: (876) 781-4759/(876) 838-2192


Open 8 am - 6 pm; Mondays to Saturdays


Shipeast Couriers & Bearer Service

St Thomas

Tel: (876) 220-9485/(876) 891-2375


RTA Biz Group International & Local Delivery Services 

Kingston, Portmore, Mandeville and surrounding areas (conditions apply)


e-mail: / 

Tel: (876) 938-8849/(876) 631-4636

Download the RTA BIZ app on iOS/Android


Jeff’s Farm Fresh Food
Southfield, St Elizabeth
WhatsApp: (876) 433-6048
Order by Wednesday at midday, delivery on Fridays


#Trending Foods Market

Curbside pick-up/home delivery

All major credit/debit cards accepted

1 Browning Avenue, Kgn 20

Tel: (876) 214-7150


Ole Jim's Veggies On Wheels 

Place orders on Wednesdays for delivery on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Orders can be placed via WhatsApp 1 (876) 887-2045


Kuntry Fresh Produce

Supplying: Westmoreland, Hanover & St James 

Free delivery in most areas 

Call/WhatsApp 1 (876) 845-9964 


QuickCart, a service offered by QuickPlate

Order online at 


Loshusan Supermarket

29 East Kings House Road, Kingston

Tel: 1(876) 946-1680


Geoffrey Davey

Battersea, St Ann

Tel (876) 321-5599


Insider tip for a COVID-19-free return of the good ’ol market days: For the best rates you want to go very early on a Saturday morning before the vendors start selling – and before the ‘goods’ have been priced so you can barter!

Our list isn’t exhaustive, so shoot me an e-mail at if you’d like your food delivery services to be added to the list.

Do you know of any other grocery delivery services? Tell us about them in the comments.

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