Monday 10 August, 2020

Antiguan stuck in Jamaica living in rescued boat at Port Royal

The disabled sailboat, 'Mast Confusion'

The disabled sailboat, 'Mast Confusion'

An Antiguan is stuck in Jamaica after the dilapidated vessel he was found on off shore was rescued by the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard in Jamaican water last Wednesday.

Antiguan media has reported that the country's national, 47-year-old Winston Williams, along with Romaine Willocks of Montserrat and Jamaicans Courtney Monroe and Winston Lloyd, were on board the vessel when the coast guard came to their rescue

The Antiguan-owned vessel has since been deemed unseaworthy, with breaches of basic safety requirements, and the Jamaican authorities have grounded the vessel until the deficiencies are rectified.

As a result, Williams has been staying on board the vessel 'Mast Confusion', which is docked at Port Royal.

The vessel was towed there by the coast guard after it was found disabled south east of Kingston and drifting towards Central America.

This was after it had left Jamaica for Antigua on July 2, but developed mechanical difficulties at sea.

It was reportedly not the coast guard's first such experience with the vessel, as the Antiguan media has reported that the JDF has pointed to Wednesday's rescue as its second interaction with the sailboat. It was reportedly flagged back in 2015 for several safety deficiencies when leaving Jamaica for Antigua.

Indications are that Jamaican medical authorities have given the all-clear to Williams and the other crew members, and immigration and Customs have placed no restrictions on Williams' movement in Jamaica.

However, it is understood that before the vessel's crew can legally sail from Jamaica, they have to get the go-head from inspectors of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, this after the necessary safety measures are taken.

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