Friday 14 August, 2020

Alleged downtown Kingston robber remanded in custody

A man who was walking with his girlfriend along Princess Street in downtown Kingston in April reportedly got the shock of his life.

This was when two men suddenly approached him menacingly and demanded his valuables.

Indications are that three other men stood a short distance away also gesturing threateningly at the couple.

The hapless victims had no choice, and were forced to hand over a Samsung cell phone, an I Phone 8, two gold bracelets, a wrist watch and money.

The robbers then reportedly walked away calmly and allowed the couple to go along their way.

But weeks later, the man would get some hope of justice.

While eating in a restaurant in downtown Kingston, he saw one of the robbery suspects and abandoned the meal to rush to the City Centre Police Station and alert cops there.

The police were quick to action, and nabbed Alphanso Stennett, who was pointed out by the complainant.

Stennett has been in jail since July 6, and is facing a charge of robbery with aggravation and possible prison time.

The court was told that Stennett, upon being cautioned on his arrest, told the police: “Bossy, me get charge fi dem ting yah already, you know, ah easy mi ah easy now”.

When the case was mentioned in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court before Senior Parish Judge, Vaughn Smith, on Friday, Stennett had not been brought to court by the police, but the case proceeded nonetheless.

Judge Smith remanded Stennett in his absence, and set the matter for mention again on July 17.

The other robbery suspects are reportedly still at large.

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