Being Broadtail: Pretty Big Surprise

“Ella es gorda pero BONITA!”   While in Colombia, that sentence was said twice in reference to me. I realize wherever I went with my friends during our trip, we got a lot of attention fro...

October 04, 2018

Being Broadtail: Me and my Birthday Suit

On August 31), I celebrated my 34th birthday at the “On the Run II” tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z (ok I wasn’t with them but they performed and I was there so technically I was with them, right?!?!). Do...

September 06, 2018

PHOTOS: What they wore to Sumfest

Reggae Sumfest 2018 has come to an end and we are left to reflect on this year's edition of the 'greatest reggae show on earth'. Among the highlights of Sumfest is usually the outfits as stars...

July 23, 2018

Style Week 2018: Fashion the French way

Haute couture was presented in an elegant ambiance at the mansion of the French Embassy in Jamaica on Thursday evening, as Saint International joined the French diplomats to showcase top designers for...

May 18, 2018

WATCH: Queen Elizabeth attends Fashion Week

Queen Elizabeth II has always dressed with style and flair - but Tuesday marked her first visit to the showy catwalks of London Fashion Week. The monarch squeezed in the front row, chatting with Am...

February 20, 2018
World News

Its Brittany-RAAAEEE!

Who’s Brittany-Rae?! Well, I’m kind of - sort of - the new girl on the scene, specializing in all things hair and beauty. I’m a ‘Jamerican' who grew up one foot in Jamaica and the other in Miami. I...

January 26, 2018