Being Broadtail: Pretty Big Surprise

“Ella es gorda pero BONITA!”   While in Colombia, that sentence was said twice in reference to me. I realize wherever I went with my friends during our trip, we got a lot of attention fro...

October 04, 2018

Being Broadtail: Me and my Birthday Suit

On August 31), I celebrated my 34th birthday at the “On the Run II” tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z (ok I wasn’t with them but they performed and I was there so technically I was with them, right?!?!). Do...

September 06, 2018

Being Broadtail: Body Emancipendence

A few articles ago I mentioned my extensive love affair with my nine girdles. I am proud to say since then I have had my moments when I let it all hang out and I strut around feeling the little jiggle...

August 10, 2018

Being Broadtail: Beat the heat!

It is only the first week of July and between the sweltering heat and the continuous attempts at cardiac arrest from the FIFA World Cup, I feel I might spontaneously combust any minute now! I am qu...

July 05, 2018

Being Broadtail: Body shaping

Last week, a close friend asked me "What do you do when you are about to get intimate with your partner and you have on a girdle?" Well, she asked the right person because I own seven girdles. I ha...

June 21, 2018