Solid Bacchanal Road March for Campari

With Campari mugs in hand and sweet Soca tunes in the air, Bacchanal Carnival was the site of an unforgettable experience for mas players. Revellers were poured a wide array of Campari easy-mixes, ...

April 25, 2018

Campari wins with Xaymaca Carnival

Campari played mas with Xaymaca Carnival on Carnival Day in Jamaica 2018. From Campari mugs and mason jars to revelers costumed in vibrant red Campari graffiti T-shirts and the spectacular Red Beryl, ...

April 24, 2018

Deal of the Week: Five things to do

It’s Carnival time – which means Soca beats and a party vibe. And if you want even more fun to pack into the weekend, Loop’s new weekly Deal of the Week feature - in partnership with deals website Bra...

April 06, 2018