Career Corner: Ready, set, goals for 2019

With Malaika Edwards Admittedly, it seems somewhat surreal that we are again at the start of yet another year. I clearly recall my New Year’s article at the start of 2018, and I am again sharing wi...

January 22, 2019

Harry Toddler robbed at gunpoint

DownSound Records recording artiste Harry Toddler was robbed at gunpoint in Kingston on Sunday morning. Reports are that Toddler was travelling in his car in the vicinity of D&G sometime betwee...

January 04, 2018
Jamaica News

CAREER CORNER: New Year’s goals

Welcome to 2018! Many years ago, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions- I don’t  have a list of things I’m going to stop doing, there is no list of behaviors that I “promise” to change- noth...

January 02, 2018
Our Endz