Big reduction in fuel prices

After remaining unchanged for two consecutive weeks, the prices for gasoline supplied by the state-owned oil refinery Petrojam, have gone down by $2.65 effective Thursday. In its latest weekly pric...

October 03, 2019
Jamaica News

Another week of fuel price reductions

Jamaicans will continue to benefit from lower fuel prices for at least another week, based on the latest pricing announced by the state-owned oil refinery, Petrojam. Effective on Thursday, 87 and 9...

December 20, 2018
Jamaica News

Automotive fuel prices fall again

Motorists will see another round of price reductions when they fill up at the pumps over the course of the next week, as oil prices continue to fall on the global market. Effective Thursday, 87 and...

December 06, 2018
Jamaica News

Gas prices at 7-month low

When motorists fill up at the pumps on Thursday, November 29, the price of gasoline will be at a seven-month low, fueled by falling world oil prices and the revaluation of the Jamaican dollar aga...

November 29, 2018
Jamaica News

Petrol prices again all down this week

For a second consecutive week there will be reductions in the prices of all petroleum products supplied by the state-owned oil refinery, Petrojam, with the price cuts taking effect on Thursday. Bas...

October 25, 2018
Jamaica News