Danville Walker leaving Observer, ATL

Managing Director of the Jamaica Observer newspaper and Appliance Traders Limited (ATL), Danville Walker is set to shortly demit his post at the entities to pursue other interests. This i...

April 01, 2019
Jamaica News

Photos: 2018 Honda CR-V brings more comfort

It was a grand affair at the ATL Automotive’s Hagley Park Road showroom, with the 2018 Honda CR-V reimaging launch last week. The new version of the popular Honda CR-V, has a number of features tha...

September 14, 2017
Loop Lens

ATL launches Panasonic ProShop

Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) unveiled the innovative Panasonic ProShop last Wednesday evening at its Half-Way Tree Road Headquarters, promising a new experience for customers wanting to buy the ele...

August 21, 2017