Career Corner: Year in Review

Season’s Greetings from the Career Corner! It’s already December and we are again approaching the end of another year. At the close of 2018, I discussed ‘Gift Giving at Christmas’ and shared a few ...

December 11, 2019

Career Corner: Starting a new job

If you’ve been a reader of this column, you would have seen articles where I discussed the importance of having a well-crafted resume, the benefits of networking during your job search, and how to eng...

October 08, 2019

Career Corner: Workplace wellness

In a nutshell, workplace wellness refers to the programmes, policies and benefits that are designed for employees to facilitate healthy behaviour in the workplace. Despite its importance, organization...

September 06, 2019

Career Corner: Let's discuss mental health

When we think about mental health and mental health issues, images of homelessness and tattered clothes often come to mind. Unfortunately, this image is true for some persons, but for many others, men...

August 18, 2019

Career Corner: My boss doesn’t like me!

At some point in time you may have had a slight inkling that your boss doesn’t like you…for some people, the feeling is more than an assumption and there are clear signs to indicate that the feeling i...

July 02, 2019

Career Corner: Death in the workplace

At the risk of appearing morbid, the issue of death in the workplace is something that we may encounter at some point in our working lives and is therefore something that we must discuss. When an empl...

June 03, 2019

Career Corner: Vision boards….at work?

The concept of vision boards is nothing new. In fact, creating vision boards has long been promoted as part of the strategy to help persons get everything they want out of life, and some persons ...

February 18, 2019
Our Endz

Career Corner: Ready, set, goals for 2019

With Malaika Edwards Admittedly, it seems somewhat surreal that we are again at the start of yet another year. I clearly recall my New Year’s article at the start of 2018, and I am again sharing wi...

January 22, 2019

Career Corner: Gift giving at Christmas

With Malaika Edwards   Christmas is here! As in previous years, there have been ups and downs, the good and the bad, and we are now preparing to enjoy yet another holiday season. More th...

December 24, 2018